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Prosecutor Camargo already has his first lawsuit for the election

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Luz Adriana Camargo Attorney General of the Nation, already has her first demand in the Council of State for her election. Camargo was elected in an extraordinary room last Tuesday, March 12, with 18 votes. Of the 23 judges of the Supreme Court of Justice that make up the full chamber.

However, it should be kept in mind that minutes before the vote took place, Amelia Pérez presented her resignation to the Court. She knew that the president had to accept it and also that this issue was not included in the voting agenda.

According to experts, the election was likely to be demanded. A situation that has already occurred with the lawsuit that seeks to annul the election of Luz Adriana Camargo, arguing that the Court committed several violations of the Constitution.

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“Declare that the Supreme Court of Justice transgressed article 249 of the Constitution, the Attorney General of the Nation is elected by the Supreme Court from a shortlist sent by the President of the Republic (…) Declare the nullity, due to violation of constitutional norms and of the law, in the appointment of the attorney general, Dr. Luz Adriana Camargo Garzón on April 12, 2024,” the document says.

In that sense, the lawsuit states that there was gender discrimination in the formation of the shortlist, given that it was made up only of women.

“However, discrimination can manifest itself in many forms and is often subtle and insidious, undermining the dignity and future of people. Discrimination prevents people from having a voice at work and participating fully. Cut off opportunities. Which means that the human talent necessary to achieve economic progress is wasted and social inequalities and tensions are accentuated. Discrimination is one of the drivers of social exclusion and poverty,” the text adds.

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