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“Was he a good lover?” When Léa Salamé questions Amanda Lear about her intimate life with David Bowie (VIDEO)

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“Was he a good lover?”  When Léa Salamé questions Amanda Lear about her intimate life with David Bowie (VIDEO)

This Saturday, March 16, Amanda Lear was Léa Salamé’s guest in Quelle époque!. She returned to her love story with David Bowie, in the 1970s. And Léa Salamé couldn’t help but ask her a very indiscreet question about the singer.

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Léa Salamé’s curiosity has no limits. On the set of Quelle époque!, the journalist asks questions every week that are disturbing, that annoy or that make you blush. This Saturday, March 16, it was Amanda Lear’s turn to go on the grill. The 84-year-old singer and actress returned to her relationship with David Bowie. In the 1970s, the two artists had a relationship for several months while the London singer was married to actress Angela Barnett. “It’s very passionate. Let’s say that at first it was a physical, sexual attraction, etc. Afterwards, it becomes tenderness,” Amanda Lear explained to Léa Salamé while the latter showed her archive images of one of their joint performances. The journalist was immediately intrigued by the allusion to David Bowie’s sexuality.

Amanda Lear preferred to avoid Léa Salamé’s question

“Sexual? He’s my favorite singer of all time. I was in love with him when I was 15, but I always said to myself: ‘Was Bowie sexually… Was he a good lover?’” Léa Salamé then said. Amanda Lear burst out laughing while her neighbor at the table, the stylist Jean-Paul Gaultier, whispered to her: “But everyone wants to know that!” The actress then kicked in, responding in a cryptic way, about her lover who had revealed his bisexuality some time before meeting her: “He had better makeup.”

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Between Amanda Lear and David Bowie: a hasty end to the relationship

Amanda Lear, who was also in a relationship with the painter Salvador Dali in the 1960s, has never hidden her relationship with David Bowie. Moreover, it was he who advised her to take up singing and who led her towards a career as a disco singer. Amanda Lear also doesn’t really keep quiet about certain aspects of the intimacy she shared with the singer. Invited in Clique, on Canal+, in May 2023, she had already spoken about this relationship and Bowie’s love for makeup. “He wore a lot more makeup than me, but the problem was he didn’t take his makeup off. He was messing with your pillow!”, she joked. Amanda Lear and David Bowie separated after several months of relationship, when she followed him to New York, because he “did drugs a lot”, and she didn’t want that life.

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