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“Out of the Box” Anacomda Fighter microSD 512GB – Best Companion for Switch – Page 1 – Video Game Video Game Discussion Forum

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“Out of the Box” Anacomda Fighter microSD 512GB – Best Companion for Switch – Page 1 – Video Game Video Game Discussion Forum

I finally got my hands on the Switch recently, yes… at such a late hour. Since I chose the power-enhanced version, the built-in capacity is only a little 32GB, so a memory card is needed to expand the capacity. Anacomda Fighter microSD is a microSD card launched for the needs of games like Switch. Produced by the well-known snake snake: Anacomda, it advertises a speed of 100MB/s, UHS-I U3 A2 specification, and the maximum capacity version is up to 1TB. So how does Fighter’s microSD perform? Let’s have a look!

out of the box – Anacomda Fighter microSD

First of all, I saw the outer packaging of the Anacomda Foghter microSD. From the packaging, it can be seen that in addition to the microSD, a microSD to SD adapter card is also attached.

Anacomda, as a major Taiwanese memory manufacturer, naturally supports MIT for its products! Therefore, the Made in Taiwan logo is printed on the back.

The microSD body uses a rather bold color scheme, bright yellow and blue colors, and the special font design is directly reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077.

This time, it is paired with the Power-enhanced version of the Switch that Nintendo has launched for a while. Considering the price difference of $2,000 and the frequency of use of the handheld mode, I did not choose a new OLED style, so I can just use the difference to make up for a microSD card XD

The installation of the microSD is very simple. Flip the Switch bracket open and insert it directly to complete the installation. The same is true for OLED styles, but the location of the openings is different.

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Anacomda Fighter microSD emphasizes that it has strong physiques such as waterproof, anti-collision, anti-magnetic, temperature resistance, X-Ray resistance, so as long as the microSD card slot of the Switch is exposed, there is no need to worry. (wrong emphasis X

It is a little pity that the adapter card does not have Cyberpunk style printing, but after all, it may only be used when plugging into a computer, which has little effect.

After installing the Anacomda Fighter microSD card, you can see that the host has a lot more space to store games, so you don’t need to worry about buying high-capacity digital games such as Overcooked, Apex, Paintball, MLB The show 22, etc.

Everyone said that they bought a moisture-proof box and the camera will be long; then I think if it is used on the Switch, I probably bought a micorSD card, and the game will be long…

Measured – Anacomda Fighter microSD

To test the actual performance of Fighter, set the 1GB write volume with CrystalDiskMark, and run the test to get the following results. Reading and writing can reach 97.38MB/s and 93.06MB/s. Although there is no special indication of the writing speed, it seems that both reading and writing are rushing to the top of 100MB/s.

After adjusting the test mode to the real world, the following results are obtained, and the difference is basically not large. The 4K random read and write part is close to the official IOPS 4000/2000 in real mode.

In the ATTO Disk Benchmark part, the speed drops obviously after the file size is less than or equal to 32KB.

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Then the actual test to move the game on the Switch, moving a 5852.4MB game from the eMMC of the Switch to the Anacomda Fighter, actually took 2 minutes and 12 seconds, and the average writing speed was 44.33MB/s.

in conclusion – Anacomda Fighter microSD

Anacomda Fighter microSD is a microSD card specially designed for gaming needs. It is very useful for capacity expansion of Switch or mobile phone. The Fighter has also recorded 4K videos on the ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip before. Compared with the expensive mobile phone space, using a microSD card to expand is also a good choice. Anacomda Fighter microSD currently has a variety of capacities of 128 / 256 / 512GB / 1TB to choose from, and it has a lifetime warranty, which shows Anacomda’s confidence in the quality of the product. If you are interested, you can refer to it.

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