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Protecting Seedlings 2023: Safeguarding Minors’ Cyber Security and Healthy Internet Habits

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Protecting Seedlings 2023: Safeguarding Minors’ Cyber Security and Healthy Internet Habits

Source title: “Protect seedlings” action to help grow and live a healthy life to escort the district party committee network information office to carry out thematic publicity activities

In an effort to protect the healthy growth of minors and raise awareness about cyber security, the Cyberspace Administration of Miyun District Committee has launched a series of themed activities centered around the “Protect the Seedlings to Help Grow and Escort a Healthy Life” campaign. The activities aim to prevent minors from becoming addicted to the Internet and educate them about the dangers of internet rumors.

On July 12, online volunteers from the Miyun District Procuratorate visited the Minors’ Activity Room in Chang’an West Community to teach children how to distinguish between internet rumors and the truth. They emphasized the importance of checking the reliability of news sources before believing or sharing information.

The themed activities, collectively known as “Internet Protecting Seedlings 2023,” invite internet volunteers and psychological lecturers to visit communities and educate the youth on how to recognize and prevent internet rumors, as well as promote responsible internet usage. The goal is to empower children with the skills to navigate the online world in a civilized and healthy manner, making them the builders of internet civilization.

During the event, community youths and parent representatives watched educational videos such as “Ten Guidelines for Safe Internet Access” and “Hey, have you ever met a netizen?”. These videos aimed to further educate and raise awareness among the participants.

Following the video screenings, student representatives issued an initiative to “refuse to be addicted to the internet and be a good boy in the new era.” They advocated for the implementation of the “National Youth Internet Civilization Convention” and the conscious resistance against internet rumors. The initiative also encouraged rational use of internet resources and the development of a good habit of surfing the internet in a civilized manner.

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The “Internet Protecting Seedlings” activities are organized by the Beijing Municipal Cyberspace Administration of China. The series aligns with the “Qinglang” special actions initiated by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China in 2023. The activities focus on various aspects of internet safety, including clarifying the source of rumors, enhancing network literacy, promoting thought leadership, and prioritizing physical and mental health. Through these activities, the Cyberspace Affairs Office of the Miyun District Party Committee aims to protect the physical and mental health of minors and create an environment where everyone actively participates in safeguarding the online space.

In the future, the Cyberspace Affairs Office plans to continue implementing different activities to combat internet rumors, improve minors’ online literacy, and prioritize their physical and mental well-being. The goal is to further support the “Protect the Seedlings” action and foster a healthy online atmosphere where everyone plays a role in protecting the internet space.

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