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Protocol ready with indigenous organizations to implement the Multipurpose Cadastre

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Protocol ready with indigenous organizations to implement the Multipurpose Cadastre

With the support of the National Planning Department, through its Territorial Planning Directorate and the Multipurpose Cadastre and SAT team, The national government, headed by the Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute-IGAC, managed to protocolize with indigenous organizations the regulatory instrument related to the implementation of the Multipurpose Cadastre in territories and territorialities of indigenous peoples.

The implementation of this regulatory instrument will be carried out under a differential intervention scheme in the indigenous territories and territorialities, which also will allow the strengthening of the capacities of these communities in terms of Multipurpose Cadastre. Also, it will allow the implementation of special mechanisms and provisions with an indigenous focus related to the public service of cadastral management according to a differential scheme.

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“This is an articulated work, between different State entities, that will allow progress in the implementation of the Multipurpose Cadastre in more than 33 million hectares where indigenous territories and territorialities are located. “This is a commitment made in the National Development Plan and seeks to generate more equity, equality and close the gaps that exist in the country,” indicated Antonio Avendaño, director of the Directorate of Territorial Planning and Development of the DNP.

The agreement on the articles and protocolization of this regulatory instrument began in 2021, when the process of Free and Informed Prior Consultation with the indigenous communities began. This work was carried out under the technical leadership of the Agustín Codazzi Geographic Institute – IGAC and the participation of the Ministries of Agriculture, Culture and the Interior.

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The National Administrative Department of Statistics was also present.DANENational Spectrum Agency-ANE, National Land Agency-ANT, Superintendence of Notaries and Registry-SNR, Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History-ICANH, Land Restitution Unit-URT, as well as the teams of the organizations of the Permanent Concertation Table (MPC) and the National Commission of Indigenous Territories (CNTI).

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