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Province and Dmo at work to promote Belluno at the Giro

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Province and Dmo at work to promote Belluno at the Giro

The Belluno area will be the star of the Giro d’Italia 2023, with two stages almost entirely in the province. The Oderzo-Palafavera on 25 May, and the Longarone-Tre Cime di Lavaredo on 26 May. For both, the Province and Dmo Dolomiti are working to promote the area through the pink race and a series of collateral initiatives. «Unique direction, because we are the Belluno Dolomites and we will present ourselves as a unique, wonderful territory» said the president of the Province, Roberto Padrin, speaking today at the presentation of the Venetian stops at the Mig, the international artisan ice cream exhibition at Longarone Fiere.

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Gianluca De Rosa

“To promote the stages of the Giro, we have decided to set up a working group together with the Dmo Dolomiti”, the words of the president Padrin. «We will organize a series of collateral events, all together. It will be a great team effort to promote our Dolomite territory. And the Giro will be an extraordinary showcase, able to catalyze the attention of half the world on our mountains».

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Gianluca De Rosa

At the Mig, in addition to the stages, a new ice cream flavor was also launched, strictly pink, to promote the Giro also through the cuisine and one of the most typical products of the area.
«Pink ice cream is a brilliant example of the synergy that the Province of Belluno is putting in place with the Dmo Dolomiti. It is the pink of the Giro d’Italia – an excellent sporting event that the Belluno Dolomites will host – which joins the artisan ice cream – a product of the Belluno tradition that is part of the history of the area and has become a symbol of quality all over the world. Pink ice cream can be seen as an example of enhancing the brand strategy of our tourist destination which aims for excellence», comments the director of Dmo, Michele Basso.

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«The Giro remains a unique opportunity for the area and last year’s numbers proved it: live TV alone reached a target of over 2 million viewers in Italy. Now the will of the working group coordinated by the Province, and therefore of Dmo Dolomiti, is to be present again in the pink caravan with targeted actions to promote the bike and mountain product in view of the summer, without forgetting all the actions aimed at territory with a calendar full of events leading up to the days of the stage. Already next week we will be in Milan for the first meeting with RCS, among the topics communication synergies and the preparation of the areas where the Giro 2023 will pass”.

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