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‘Quilla’, alleged murderer of a police officer in Valledupar, was sent to prison, but for a robbery

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‘Quilla’, alleged murderer of a police officer in Valledupar, was sent to prison, but for a robbery

In an unexpected twist, Naasson Eliecer Padilla Rodriguezknown as alias ‘Keil’pointed out by the authorities as the alleged murderer of deputy mayor Víctor Alfonso Gutiérrez Bolívarwas sent to jail this Tuesday afternoon, but in the case of a robbery of $12 million.

He Second Municipal Criminal Court with guarantee control functions of Valledupar made the decision to impose intramural security measure in prison establishmentfor the crimes of aggravated robbery, illegal possession of a firearm y personal injuries.

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This fact would have been recorded months ago. He allegedly robbed a courier, who minutes before had closed the sale of a coffee, so when he went to deposit the money, Padilla Rodríguez robbed him and wounded him with a firearm. The amount of the theft would be 12 million pesos.

However, despite the evidence presented, the accused He did not agree to the charges.


Although the concentrated hearings have not been for the case of the murder of Deputy Mayor Víctor Gutiérrez, ‘Quilla’ is still linked to the process, so he could be called to respond to the case at any other time, waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to present the body of evidentiary material that it considers necessary to be able to demonstrate its participation in the event.

Naasson Padilla is linked to the murder of Deputy Mayor Víctor Gutiérrez and the robbery of a commercial premises in the Callejón de Pedro Rizos. Photo: Courtesy

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It is also important to emphasize that is not the only fact to which he is being linked, since last October, security cameras They recorded the moment when, allegedly, ‘Quilla’ intimidated with a firearm and robbed the workers of the ‘Mundo Loco JJ’ commercial establishment, located in the Pedro Rizos Alleyin the center of the city, where he also injured a person’s foot.


According to what was reported by the commander of the Cesar Police Department, Colonel Eduardo Chamorro Pinzónhis capture was recorded in the municipality of Suesca, Cundinamarcaafter an operation in coordination between personnel from the Criminal Investigation Section, SIJINPolice Intelligence Section, WHISTLEand the Prosecutor’s Office General of the Nation.

The capture by court order of Naasson Eliecer Padilla Rodríguez, better known as Quilla, was achieved for the alleged crimes of aggravated homicidetrafficking, manufacture and carrying of firearms, ammunition, and qualified theft, aggravated in homogeneous and simultaneous competition“said the commander.

Chamorro Pinzón added that this man presents judicial notes for the crimes of qualified theft and violence against a public servant.

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He is linked to the investigation for the alleged murder of the late deputy mayor Víctor Alfonso Gutiérrez Bolívar, who lost his life violently in the middle of a police procedure, on November 25 in the Villa Yaneth neighborhood. Likewise, due to the events that occurred on October 4 of this year where he intimidated with a firearm and robbed the business premises of the company name ‘Mundo Loco JJ’ located in the central area of ​​Valledupar.”, he concluded.

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