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Rains generated emergencies again in Neiva

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Rains generated emergencies again in Neiva

Homes, roads and vehicles were the main damages presented in the capital of Huila.

The heavy rains that hit the capital opita, did not leave victims to regret, but some affectations. The winter season, according to Ideam forecasts, will last until the beginning of May.

According to Armando Cabrera Rivera, Secretary of Risk Management, the city suffered very heavy rainfall, which increased the flow of water tributaries such as the El Venado, El Salado, and La Toma streams and the El Oro and Las Ceibas rivers.

“We attended the rescue of a taxi driver whose vehicle was affected in the vicinity of Los Cerros Restaurant; In the 20 de Julio neighborhood, the Neiva volunteer fire department supported the evacuation of two elderly people who were affected in their homes by flooding and they were transferred to the homes of their relatives,” said the official.

Other affectations

Given the sudden flooding of the El Oro River and the El Salado Creek, homes in the La Isla, La Primavera and El Lago settlements were affected.

Likewise, in the La Provincia settlement, located in Comuna Ocho of the city, a mass was removed that affected a house.

In the same way, there was also a collapse of the hydraulic system that allows the evacuation of rainwater from the underground bridge of Carrera 16, where a vehicle was affected when the engine turned off and was stranded in the middle of the bridge.

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