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Rainy July means (too) good conditions for mushrooms | > – News

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Rainy July means (too) good conditions for mushrooms |  > – News

Status: 07.08.2023 04:00 a.m

This July was the rainiest in Schleswig-Holstein since 2007. That was the result of an NDR evaluation. The wet and cool weather is especially good for mushrooms, giving the mushroom season an early start.

According to NDR Schleswig-Holstein weather expert Meeno Schrader, three times as much rain fell this July as in July last year. A total of 152 liters per square meter of rain fell on Schleswig-Holstein. Of the 31 days in July, it rained on average 26.3 days in Schleswig-Holstein. This makes the state the nationwide leader – the average was 18.5 days. The weather was similar to that in early autumn – so all the classic edible mushrooms can already be found in the forests, including porcini mushrooms and chanterelles, the experts explain.

Mushroom experts warn: toadstools also grow

Because of the wet soil and lots of rain, this could be a very good season for mushroom pickers in Schleswig-Holstein. But according to Sönke Lettau from the Schleswig-Holstein Mycological Working Group, caution is definitely called for: because the toadstools sprout just as well as the edible ones. According to Lettau, the conditions are particularly favorable for the poisonous death cap or panther mushroom.

Those who are not familiar should, according to the specialist, take part in guided mushroom hikes. Because experienced collectors also know where to look: the chances of finding edible mushrooms are greatest in mixed deciduous forests, for example. Collectors are only allowed to take mushrooms with them for their own use. The mushroom season is thus getting off to an early start, which normally doesn’t start until autumn.

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It was particularly wet here in SH in July

It was particularly wet in the north. According to the evaluation, most of the precipitation fell in July in Joldelund in the district of North Friesland – almost 263 liters per square meter there. With not even a third of this amount, Bisdorf on Fehmarn in the district of Ostholstein was the driest place in the country. It rained only around 84 liters per square meter here in the entire month of July. For comparison: in Bordelum, North Friesland, it rained a record-breaking 69.3 liters per square meter in just one day on July 15. Weesby near Flensburg came third on the podium of the places with the most rain in July with 232.2 liters of water per square meter.

In some cases, the extreme water masses also caused problems, for example in agriculture: the grain harvest is endangered.

VIDEO: First drought, then rain: problems with the wheat harvest (3 min)

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