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Rats in the New Orleans Police Department are all high: “They’re eating all our marijuana”

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The New Orleans Police Department has a problem. Their building is in such bad shape that the vermin are getting into the evidence room. And seized goods are also kept there.

Thursday, March 14, 2024 at 10:10 PM

The police building of the American city of New Orleans (Louisiana) is in a terrible condition. There is mold on the walls and cockroaches running around. The rats don’t stay away either. And the latter have now found a way into the room where the evidence is stored.

And seized goods, such as drugs, are also kept there. “The rats that eat our marijuana are all high,” Chief Anne Kirkpatrick said. As a result, the creatures now crawl around freely everywhere. Officers even found feces on their desks. “The filth is unprecedented,” Kirkpatrick said, adding that it is not the fault of the department’s janitors. “They deserve an award for trying to clean what is unclean.”

The police do not want to say whether crucial evidence was also eaten. It is therefore not clear whether any current cases have been influenced by the rats.

The city council has decided to move the department to a new location.

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