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read the requirements and apply

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read the requirements and apply

Companies from different sectors in Valledupar opened job calls for different professions or occupations. If you meet the requirements, submit your resume and start working.

The Confidential company needs a commercial advisor in Valledupar who has experience in the field of architectural finishes, interior decoration, furniture and others. The requirements for this job is that the person must have academic training as a Design Technician or administrative careers and 2 years of experience in the commercial area.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/y782k

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, based in Valledupar, requires an accounting technician or related professional with a minimum experience of 3 years in similar positions.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/8lttf

The Éxito chain store is looking for three people to work in its stores:
• Supplier: Bachelor with minimum experience of 1 year in chain stores.
• Packer: Bachelor with minimum experience of 3 months in chain stores.
• Cashier: Bachelor with minimum experience of 6 months in chain stores.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/sv5hu

The Sespem SAS bakery requests a baker with a minimum of one year of experience, must have time availability and a food handling certificate. Hiring is immediate.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/y02tz

The company Bayton Colombia SAS requires a point of sale administrator with academic training: technical or technological and/or professional in administration, marketing or customer service. Must have 2 years of experience. The monthly salary for this job is $1,160,000.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/29uij

Clínica Médicos SA is looking for a billing analyst with 1 year of experience in billing the services provided in a timely manner to each of the users who graduate from the different Functional Units of the institution, in order to generate the payment to the entities responsible for payment. . The monthly payment for this job is $1,330,000.

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For more information see here: https://n9.cl/mlg5k

Finally, the Diamante company is looking for a hospital cleaning operator with a minimum of 6 months of experience in carrying out cleaning tasks in units and condominiums or family homes, cleaning common areas of the units, parking lots, wet areas, educational institutions, such as concierges, shopping centers and others. The payment is $1,000,000.

For more information see here: https://n9.cl/45zfk

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