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Risaralda presented a hotel occupancy of more than 60% in January

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Risaralda presented a hotel occupancy of more than 60% in January

In the first month of the year, after a challenging 2023 for Risaralda tourism, Cotelco Chapter Risaralda registered a hotel occupancy of 57.27%. For the urban area of ​​Risaralda, an occupancy rate of 63.24% was reported and for rural areas, the percentage was 53.74%. Unlike the same month of 2023, when this indicator stood at 61.71%, January 2024 showed a slight rebound.

At the national level, hotel occupancy stood at 54.04%. In the case of the Coffee Axis, Caldas presented an occupancy of 59.78% and Quindío 50.08%, with Risaralda being the department that marks this sector in the region.

National tourism
Regarding the figures recorded by the most recent report from the Office of Economic Studies of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, it was identified that at the end of 2023, 5,869,869 non-resident visitors arrived in the country, of which a total of 3 ‘841,675 were foreigners (without adding Venezuelan citizens); 1,449,259 correspond to Colombians residing abroad; 233,650 were Venezuelans for rest and recreation and another 345,285 were passengers from international cruises.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Germán Umaña Mendoza, assured that “this result reaffirms once again that we are one of the preferred destinations in Latin America for tourism, managing to position not only the consolidated offer of coastal marine and nature tourism , but also the gastronomic, cultural and community experiences.”

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