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Rome: dg Ama, ‘we are restoring the collection system’ – News

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Rome: dg Ama, ‘we are restoring the collection system’ – News

“In the immediate future, we are restoring and bringing to normal the whole model of collection and emptying of the bins which allows us to contain the effect of the abandonment of waste. We are working on this to ensure more regular collection, and take back the key to ordinary management”. This was stated by the new general manager of the Ama Alessandro Filippi in a hearing in the Capitoline Environment commission. Filippi also referred to the “recovery of the most degraded situations” and the “return to normality of door to door”. “We don’t have any transfer difficulties on the plants – he explained later -. The availability of spaces, even for the plurality of interlocutors, does not cause us concern”.

With regard to the Ama fleet “we are working on the full use of the internal workshops, both on the attention to the external ones for the full recovery of the vehicles for the activities. The work we are doing in these hours is to make the remittances and the workshops work in a unified way to restore the collection, which the difficulty on the vehicles had made more complex “. “In perspective – added the manager – I will have the opportunity to confront the commission. A theme that finds a common thread in the interventions is that the company must acquire measurability and transparency. I will want to work on this, because a measurable company protects itself and the workers.

Today we risk not having the correct representation of work in the complete measurability of the parameters”.

In this sense Filippi also spoke of “digital tools”. Finally Filippi explained that he will pay “attention to people both in professional development paths and in the transparency in identifying the managers who will cover the roles we need”.

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