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Russia accuses the US of using Ukraine as “cannon fodder”

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Russia accuses the US of using Ukraine as “cannon fodder”

In a recent development, the Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of using Ukraine as “cannon fodder” in what they are calling a “hybrid war” against Russia. This comes after the House of Representatives voted to approve a foreign aid package for Kyiv.

At a press conference on Sunday, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that the actions of the US in arming Ukraine are prolonging the agony of President Zelensky and his government, while ordinary Ukrainians are being forced into the role of cannon fodder. She warned that the US’s involvement in the conflict would be met with “unconditional and decisive rejection” and compared it to past military failures in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Zakharova also pointed out that both the White House and Republicans have their own interests in providing aid to Ukraine, with the US military-industrial complex standing to benefit from the allocation of weapons. She emphasized that the aid package would only exacerbate global crises and leave Ukraine burdened with debt.

The Kremlin had previously stated that US aid to Ukraine would have no impact on the situation on the battlefield. However, the US continues to support Kyiv, with the Biden administration reportedly hoping that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can hold out until the November election without tarnishing the president’s image.

With tensions escalating between Russia and the US over the conflict in Ukraine, the situation remains highly volatile. The international community will be closely watching how these developments unfold in the coming days.

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