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Russia vetoes UN resolution calling for preventing nuclear arms race in space

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Russia vetoes UN resolution calling for preventing nuclear arms race in space

Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Nuclear Arms Race in Space

On Wednesday, Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution sponsored by the United States and Japan that aimed to prevent a dangerous nuclear arms race in outer space. The vote in the 15-member Security Council saw 13 countries in favor, with Russia opposed and China abstaining.

The resolution called on all nations to refrain from developing or deploying nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in space, as prohibited by a 1967 international treaty. U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield expressed concerns following the veto, questioning what Russia may be hiding despite President Vladimir Putin’s assurance that Moscow has no intention of placing nuclear weapons in space.

The resolution was dismissed by Russia as politicized and not broad enough in addressing all types of weapons in space. Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, labeled the resolution as “absurd and politicized” and proposed an amendment to include a ban on all forms of weapons, not just nuclear ones. However, the amendment failed to gain the necessary votes for adoption.

The defeated draft resolution emphasized the importance of preventing an arms race in outer space to safeguard international peace and security. It called on countries to comply with international law and the U.N. Charter, particularly the 1967 Outer Space Treaty that bans the deployment of nuclear weapons or any other type of weapons of mass destruction in space.

With tensions escalating and the risk of nuclear war at its highest point in decades, UN Secretary-General António Guterres warned against the catastrophic consequences of not preventing an arms race in outer space. The need for additional measures, including political commitments and legally binding instruments, was underscored in the resolution.

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The United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Geneva was highlighted as the primary forum for negotiating agreements to prevent an arms race in space, although progress in this area has been limited. As the world faces the looming threat of nuclear warfare, the international community must work together to secure a peaceful future in space.

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