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[Safety production inspection and rectification]Sinking down the front line to investigate hidden dangers- News- Hunan Online

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Provincial departments and bureaus and enterprises take active actions to consolidate their responsibilities

Investigate hidden dangers in the sinking line

Huasheng Online, September 26 (all-media reporter Feng Yongcheng) Consolidate the supervisory responsibility of the department and the main responsibility of the enterprise. In the past few days, various departments and bureaus directly under the provincial government have taken action one after another, dispatching inspection teams and experts and technicians to go to the front line, and enterprises have carried out self-inspection and self-correction according to the dual prevention mechanism to investigate potential risks.

Consolidate the regulatory responsibility of the department. The Provincial Department of Education re-mobilized and re-deployed the full implementation of the risk and hidden danger investigation action, and the leaders of the department led a team to conduct unannounced and unannounced visits to the campus safety work. The province’s judicial system has carried out investigations on potential risks and hidden dangers in key areas and key links such as high-rise buildings, self-built houses, hazardous chemicals, prison companies, agency safety, and traffic safety.

The Provincial Radio and Television Bureau issued an emergency notice to set up a special class for the investigation of hidden dangers in the radio and television industry in the province. While carrying out the investigation of hidden dangers, the frequency of loudspeaker broadcasts on the provincial emergency broadcasting platform “Cun Village Sound” was increased to create a strong safety publicity. Ambience. The Provincial Fire Rescue Corps dispatched 9 supervision groups to conduct continuous supervision and inspection on the elimination of hidden fire safety hazards in various places. The Provincial Grain and Material Reserve Bureau focused on key areas such as grain and oil storage, emergency supplies, and fumigation drugs, and conducted in-depth investigations of potential risks and hidden dangers. The Hunan Bureau of National Mine Safety Supervision organized experts to carry out the second round of anatomical law enforcement inspections on the coal mines of Hunan Coal Group to find hidden risks.

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Consolidate the main responsibility of enterprises and build a dual prevention mechanism. Hunan Construction and Investment Group carried out potential risks and hidden dangers investigation actions, requiring all subsidiaries to carry out self-inspection and self-correction actions, and carried out safety production supervision and inspection on the original site reconstruction and expansion project of Changsha Public Health Treatment Center, Xiangluzhou Bridge and other projects. Hunan Xingxiang Investment Holding Group issued an in-depth investigation of potential risks and hidden dangers in key areas, resolutely prevent and contain major accidents, and conducted key inspections in 8 key areas of the group. Hunan Sunshine Huatian Tourism Development Group dispatched 8 inspection teams to carry out safety production supervision and inspection of the whole group to eliminate hidden safety hazards and prevent accidents.

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