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San Siro Stadium, Sgarbi-Sala remote battle: the mayor writes to Meloni

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San Siro Stadium, Sgarbi-Sala remote battle: the mayor writes to Meloni

It is a long-distance clash between the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and the new government undersecretary for culture, Vittorio Sgarbi. At the center of the discussion is the San Siro stadium, which will in all probability be demolished to make room for the new facility wanted by Inter and Milan, but which Sgarbi is ready to save even through a constraint. “The Meazza cannot be touched”, Sgarbi explained yesterday according to which the plant would already have a constraint because it is over 70 years old, and in any case “the permission to tear it down will never come from the ministry” at least until he is undersecretary . The art critic’s statements on San Siro, which come after those on the placement of the Pietà Rondanini to be reviewed, prompted Sala to write a letter today to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to clarify what Sgarbi’s effective powers are. “I don’t want to be fooled by continuous utterances that have no basis at all – Sala cut short when asked about the words of the undersecretary on the sidelines of a meeting in the prefecture -. The San Siro stadium was examined at length by the superintendent and it was defined that it was not binding. I didn’t decide and if Sgarbi wants to be superintendent he should ask the Prime Minister ». According to the mayor, it is a bit strange that “decisions taken by delegated institutions are then denied by politics”. Hence the decision to write to the premier to clarify the delegations of the subsgretary, who in Milan was councilor for culture in the council of Letizia Moratti and then resigned shortly after. «These declarations appear to go beyond the powers of the Undersecretary and seem rather destined to fuel confusion and disorientation which certainly harm the correct exercise of public powers in the interest of the community – writes Sala in the letter -. I therefore appeal to the authoritativeness of his role to ask you for clarity on these events, also specifying to the interested party the actual areas of competence of the Undersecretary, especially in relation to the responsibilities of the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage “. Meanwhile, in Milan, the public debate continues on the project for the new Inter and Milan stadium, the conclusions of which will arrive on November 18. But according to Sala, it will take about a year to reach a decision by the City Council on the new plant. A timing that makes the leader of the League and Minister for Infrastructure Matteo Salvini say that “years have been lost between controversies and postponements with Milan which risks losing billions of euros in investments”. «Say yes immediately to the more modern, innovative and safe New San Siro, or choose an alternative solution – concludes Salvini -. The Olympics are now close, we can’t waste any more time, I will talk about it with the management of the two clubs ».

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