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Schot gets life in prison for murder and eleven rapes

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Iain Packer — © Police Scotland

Iain Packer, a 51-year-old Scot, has been jailed for life for the murder of Emma Caldwell in 2005. The 27-year-old sex worker’s body was found naked in woodland a few miles from Glasgow five weeks after her disappearance. In addition, the High Court of Glasgow also found Packer guilty on Wednesday of dozens of sexual offenses – including 11 rapes – against a total of 22 women.

The violence at Caldwell was for a long time among the most famous unsolved murders in Scotland. At the time of her disappearance, Caldwell was living in a hostel in Glasgow. She was addicted to heroin and financed this with sex work. Packer had taken the woman to the woods near Biggar, where he strangled her and hid her body.

Initially, the police targeted a Turkish cafe in the Scottish capital, which was known for often hosting sex workers. Four Turkish men were also charged after the victim’s blood was found on a blanket, but the case was dropped and the investigation stalled until 2015.

The case was then reopened. Initially, Packer – who had now come into the spotlight – tried to clear his name through interviews with the media, but it soon became clear that he was behind the murder.

The Scot must serve at least 36 years in prison before he can possibly be released.

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