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Second different dose for 550 Belluno citizens vaccinated with AstraZeneca

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The Ulss reshapes the campaign for the under 60s: at the appointment fixed in due time, they will receive Pfizer or Moderna

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About 550 Belluno people under the age of 60 were waiting to get the second dose of the Astrazeneca vaccine: now they will be given Pfizer or Moderna. The appointment fixed at the time by Ulss 1 Dolomiti will be respected: that day they will be inoculated with another type of vaccine. This is the decision taken by the Ministry of Health which, on the basis of the indications of the Technical Scientific Committee, has decided to ban the Anglo-Swedish vaccine to people under 60. Those over 60 who have received the first dose of this vaccine, therefore, will regularly conclude the cycle with Astrazeneca.

the numbers

To date, 32,500 Astrazeneca doses have been carried out in the province: 20,250 first doses and 12,250 second doses. There are eight thousand people waiting for the second inoculation, only 550 are under the age of 60. «The AstraZeneca vaccine has been used in a significant way for employees of schools and essential public services», explains the director of the Prevention department, Sandro Cinquetti, «the vast majority of these have already completed their cycle. The serum, on ministerial indication, was then administered first to the over 70s and then to the over 60s, mostly by family doctors to immunize their patients who fall into these age groups “.

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Will second doses made with a different vaccine still be valid? “Although they are different sera, there are significant scientific data, specified by the CTS, which highlight how the combination of these two types of vaccines leads to an adequate immune response”, says Cinquetti, who does not expect large numbers of refusals from the over 60s. on the second dose of AstraZeneca. Meanwhile, several phone calls arrived yesterday at the call center to ask for information on the news of prophylaxis.


Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign is proceeding rapidly. A further 3,300 places were activated that can be booked from the regional portal or from the website www.aulss1.veneto.it, available between 18 June and 4 July. Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be given. “We are traveling on 2,000-2,500 inoculations per day. 50% of the vaccinated Belluno people have received at least one dose and we are the first province in Veneto, based on the inhabitants, for the number of administrations performed », confirms Cinquetti. He then adds: «If we see the coverage in the relatively young age groups, we note that over 40% of Bellunesi between 40-49 years old received the first dose. Even among the youngest, despite having recently started with prophylaxis, we are having good results ».

vaccines at school

For the 150 students of the last two years of the high schools Calvi, Renier, Catullo, Segato and Dolomieu who have joined the Erasmus project (it foresees five weeks abroad to learn English), Ulss has opened ad hoc slots for immunize the boys before their departure, scheduled for mid-July. «After two years we are back to leave», says the headmaster of the Catullo, Mauro De Lazzer. “Since the various European states require completed vaccination, we asked the ULSS to help us and so they came to meet us.” The 150 boys will go to Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal ». –

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