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Secret Compartment Found in Daycare Reveals Hidden Drug Lab

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Secret Compartment Found in Daycare Reveals Hidden Drug Lab

Man Arrested for Transporting Drugs on Bus in Sinaloa

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An unidentified man has been apprehended after being trapped on a bus in the state of Sinaloa in Mexico. The suspect was allegedly carrying two bags, believed to be filled with drugs. A video recording captured the moment the individual left a daycare facility, raising concerns about the safety of children in the area.

Following a tip-off, authorities raided the Divino Niño daycare center located at 2707 Morris Avenue in the Bronx, New York. Our reporter, Joaquín Torres from Univision 41, discovered a hidden laboratory within the facility. A secret door led to a compartment containing fentanyl and other illicit substances. Tools used for drug processing were also found in the daycare.

Legal proceedings have begun, and the defendants appeared in court on Thursday. Another court hearing is scheduled for October 5. Joaquín Torres emphasized the severity of the situation and the need for justice to be served.

The father of Nicholas Dominici, a one-year-old child who tragically died after being exposed to fentanyl while under the care of the Divino Niño daycare, expressed his disbelief and horror. He mentioned that the daycare was selected based on positive recommendations and questioned how anyone could mix narcotics with children.

Otoniel Feliz, Nicholas’ father, declared, “Whether they (the detainees) are guilty or not, the real culprit knows that he has to pay.”

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has issued warnings about the dangers of fentanyl, highlighting its potency and the serious risks associated with its use outside of medical settings.

In the wake of the tragedy, law enforcement authorities executed a search warrant at the daycare, recovering drug packaging equipment, including a machine specifically designed for fentanyl.

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Grei Méndez, 36, the manager of the daycare, and Carlisto Acevedo Brito, her 41-year-old cousin, were previously arrested in connection with the case. They face charges of murder, manslaughter, assault, four counts of endangering the welfare of minors, and criminal possession of narcotics, including fentanyl.

Otoniel Feliz fondly remembered his son, Nicholas, as a bright and intelligent child. The grieving father expressed his disappointment towards the daycare center owners for operating a drug-related operation in the presence of innocent children.

The daycare had recently passed a surprise inspection in September, despite these tragic events occurring. Community members gathered to mourn Nicholas’ untimely death, leaving flowers and candles as a tribute to the young life lost.

Investigators have also revealed that Grei Méndez made several phone calls before dialing 911, presumably to alert her husband and possibly destroy evidence of the drugs present in the daycare. Additionally, she reportedly deleted around 21,000 text messages.

Further investigation led authorities to a secret compartment hidden beneath the children’s playroom. More fentanyl, as well as other drugs and drug-processing tools, were discovered in the compartment, raising further concerns about the daycare facility’s involvement in illicit activities.

The case continues to unfold as local law enforcement and prosecutors work tirelessly to bring justice for Nicholas Dominici and the other innocent children impacted by this tragedy.

Credit: Televisa Univision

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