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Sergio Arboleda University awards the Order of Artistic Merit to Víctor Espinel from Maniceña – news

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Sergio Arboleda University awards the Order of Artistic Merit to Víctor Espinel from Maniceña – news

In development of ECO6, the sixth edition of the Encounter of Colombian Music of the Sergio Arboleda University, the Maniceño maestro Víctor Espinel Sánchez, also known as “Gallo Giro”, will be distinguished with the Order of Artistic and Cultural Merit of the Sergio Arboleda University.

ECO6 is a space dedicated to exalting the cultural and musical wealth of Colombia, therefore on Friday, March 8 at 7 pm in the Hall 74 Events Center of the University, Maestro Espinel will be recognized for his invaluable contributions to musical expressions. of the eastern plains of our country and its significant artistic contributions. Espinel will receive a highly prestigious recognition that is already held by teachers Luis Fernando “El Chino” León, Leonidas Valencia, Martina Camargo and Kike Santander.

“We are very happy to return to ECO. This edition is really very special because we will have the opportunity to thank maestro Espinel for his music and his tireless efforts to promote llanera music. As an institution that accompanies training in Colombian music and where instruments such as the harp, the bandola and the cuatro are studied at a professional level, we reaffirm with this tribute and with ECO our commitment to the musical and sound expressions of Colombia,” said maestro Julián. Montaña, dean of the School of Arts and Creation.

Maestro Espinel will also offer a concert, two workshops and will participate in a conversation with Juan Andrés Monsalve, musical director of the National Radio of Colombia.

What is ECO6?

From March 2 to 9, 2024, the sixth edition of the Encounter of Colombian Music at the Sergio Arboleda University will take place, an event supported by IDARTES as winners of the LEP Scholarship. For a week we will enjoy and study sounds from the eastern plains, the music of Nariño and Cauca, the bullerengue of the Caribbean, and various expressions of the Colombian Andes.

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The event will feature a series of in-person concerts with free admission, scheduled from March 4 to 9 at the University facilities. Among the participating artists are La Morena del Chicamocha, Reburú, Supersón Frailejónico, Gabriela Ponce, Dortene, Claudia Gómez, Guarura, Abdul Farfán and his group Caney, Deleite Carranguero and Biselad, as well as various Sergista groups such as the Ensamble Llanero, the Ensamble of Músicas Campesinas, the Time Machine Big Band, Veneno pa’l Coco, the Estudiantentina de La Sergio, among other invited university ensembles.

In addition to the 13 concerts, ECO will offer four workshops that will feature maestro Espinel, Juan Diego Moreno from the Rolling Ruanas, Eddy Gómez from Llorona Records and the Sergistas teachers who will guide classes in the interpretation of instruments such as the Andean bandola, bandola llanera, llanera harp, tiple, cuatro and vallenato accordion.

Check the schedule and other details of ECO6 at: www.usergioarboleda.edu.co/eco-encuentro-de-musicas-colombianas/

Source: Sergio Arboleda University Communications

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