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some candidates leave and others enter

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some candidates leave and others enter

Otto Sonnenholzner officially accepted his candidacy for the presidency of the Republic on June 7, 2023. Photo: Otto Sonnenholzner’s social networks.

The political groups define candidates for the anticipated elections, they have until Saturday, June 7, 2023 to choose pairs and lists of assembly members.

The electoral landscape is declining little by little, while some candidates enter the electoral battle, others give up running, this was the case of the presidential candidate Eduardo Maruri, who on June 7, 2023 resigned from his candidacy and announced an alliance with Otto Sonnenholzner; while the latter confirmed his application officially; In addition, Xavier Hervas, who had given up his candidacy, returned to the fight with a new movement.

Through his Twitter account, Hervas indicated that he will run for the Presidency of the Republic for the second time, with which he returned to the electoral battle that days before he had resigned, but he will no longer do so as a candidate for the Democratic Left (ID), but by the Total Renovation Movement (RETO), a political organization that was created by Paúl Carrasco, current governor of Azuay.

“The moment is now, this CHALLENGE is not just mine, we are going to do it together, this CHALLENGE belongs to everyone. The country needs freedom, a solid democracy, but it is also important to generate equity and equity is achieved with clear goals, supportive and productive economic development, ”Hervas said through his social networks.

Sonnenholzner confirms candidacy and adds support

On June 7, 2023, the former Vice President of the Republic, Otto Sonnenholzner, officially accepted his candidacy to the presidency of the Republic, he will aspire to Carondelet with the support of an alliance that, up to now, is made up of four political organizations: SUMA, Avanza, Izquierda Democrática and Centro Democrático.

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“Although this decision affects my family, I feel the obligation to put my experience and skills at the service of the well-being of all. Today I accept the candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic, I do it with conviction and commitment, we are going to work together to face so many problems and find real solutions,” said Sonnenholzner.

Precisely Eduardo Maruriwho had announced that he would be a presidential candidate for the Democratic Center, withdrew from the electoral battle, instead giving his support to Otto Sonnenholzner.

“As part of the dialogue, I have come to know another political project with similar proposals to ours; to add and not subtract, to multiply and not divide, I believe in the ability and integrity of the candidate for this project. With the same humility with which I accepted the candidacy, today I decline it and offer my full support and support to the candidacy of Otto Sonnenholzner”, Maruri said.

For his part, Sonnenholzner, through his Twitter account, thanked Maruri for his support, which he described as an “act of political detachment.” “Ecuadorians must unite to achieve peace, prosperity and the optimism that our country deserves. Thank you Eduardo! ”, He affirmed.

Meanwhile, Enrique Chávez, president of the Democratic Left, together with several members of the Board of Directors of the political organization, including former assembly members, ratified the support of the political organization for Otto Sonnenholzner.

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waiting for announcements

Although there are only three days left for the political organizations to hold their primary elections, the term ends on June 10, 2023, and they only have until June 13, 2023 to register candidacies, at the moment there are movements that hold the expectationThis is the case of the Citizen Revolution.

Former President Rafael Correa anticipated that he will report, on Saturday, June 10, 2023, the names of his presidential team and the lists of candidates for the National Assembly.

for his part Yaku Perezwho will participate as a presidential candidate for the alliance of Unión Popular, Democracia Sí, Partido Socialista and Somos Agua, will announce tomorrow the name of his vice presidential candidate of the Republic.

Assembly Candidates

Although the final names will be defined tomorrow, in the primary elections taking place in Quito, in the alliance of Unión Popular, Democracia Sí, Partido Socialista and Somos Agua, it was anticipated that those who will head the list of candidates for assembly will be the former legislator Bruno Segoviay Elsa Guerrawho was previously the presidential candidate for the Ecuadorian Socialist Party and dropped out to support Yaku Pérez.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic Left, it is not ruled out that the ex-assembly members of the dismissed Assembly, Dalton Bacigalupo, Johana Moreira, Rocío Guanoluisa, Verónica Carrillo and Alejandro Jaramillo, seek re-election. The legislators were part of the group classified as organic of the political organization.

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