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Spain rejects the accusation of Morocco’s involvement in the “Pegasus” case

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Spain rejects the accusation of Morocco’s involvement in the “Pegasus” case
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The Spanish government announced its rejection of all accounts presented by the European Parliament following the investigations conducted by its members in Madrid, which indicated Morocco’s involvement as a party involved in the espionage case carried out through the “Pegasus” program.

And according to what was published by the Spanish newspaper “Atalayar”, government sources confirmed to the Spanish news agency EFE that the information and data circulated by members of the European Parliament, regarding the involvement of the Kingdom of Morocco in the status of a third country, and as a party involved in spying on members of the Spanish government, such as the President Pedro Sanchez or the Ministers of the Interior, Defense and Agriculture, through the “Pegasus” program, is “mere speculation”, and does not depend on any firm foundations.

The same government sources added that the MEPs who carried out these investigations had only referred to the investigation conducted by the National Court following a complaint filed by the Public Prosecutor, during the MEPs’ two-day visit to Spanish soil.

Regarding the criticisms leveled by members of the European Parliament to the Spanish government about the latter’s lack of cooperation with the investigation committee, these government sources denied the whole matter, explaining that the members of the committee that visited Spain on Monday and Tuesday were informed of the agenda of members of the executive authority, especially on the occasion of the development of the recent debate in Congress. On the motion of censure against the Head of Government, Pedro Sánchez. The visit was programmed at a time of significant political activity within the Spanish executive.

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