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Spillway channel of Alleghe, Bottacin inspected

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Spillway channel of Alleghe, Bottacin inspected

The Regional Councilor Bottacin visits the Alleghe construction site

The regional councilor took stock of the construction site to secure the lake from floods

ATTACHMENTS. Inspection in Alleghe today, Wednesday 25 May, by the regional councilor for the Environment and Hydrogeological Disruption, Gianpaolo Bottacin, to take stock of the work being carried out for the safety of the lake through the construction of the flood spillway.

«The Region», Bottacin commented, «does not let its guard down and continues to implement promptly and effectively interventions for the safety of the territory and its people. In the specific case it is a construction site on which we invested 1.8 million euros, as part of an overall project dedicated to Lake Alleghe for over 11 million euros, the works of which are carried out by our company Veneto Acque, arm operational for these interventions. The construction site I visited today involves the construction of an artifact, which has the purpose of counteracting the rise of the lake water such as to cause it to overflow: the canal will allow, in fact, to drain the hydraulic flow at a higher altitude. low of the current barrage of about 2 meters “.

The designed channel will have a length of about 55 meters, a width of 3 meters and a depth varying from a minimum of 6 meters to a maximum of 8 meters. of a current discharge rate of the dam of approximately 110 cubic meters per second.

Overall, with the intervention in progress, the outflow of the dam will therefore be increased by approximately 30%. The construction of the work involves the construction of a confinement bulkhead in micropiles, the excavation in forced section and subsequently the construction of the structural works in reinforced concrete, topped by a driveway grating for maintenance activities.

“As part of the works on the lake”, Bottacin details, “in the meantime we have also intervened with the excavation of about 250,000 cubic meters of alluvial material and the cleaning and excavation of the Cordevole torrent from Alleghe to Caprile along an overall development of about 4 km, to which must also be added landscape improvement interventions for 9 million euros. And we have also built a pumping plant to maintain the minimum vital flow, for which we have invested a further 500 thousand euros “.

“As regards the channel, it should also be remembered”, concludes the commissioner, “that it will be equipped with an electromechanical metal structure to regulate the flow, or a bulkhead of the size of 3 by 4 meters operated by an automatic system subjected to the control of the body managing the dam “. Weather conditions permitting, underlines the Region, the work will be completed by autumn.

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