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Spring and Autumn bring abundant harvests—Analysis of the new model for training talents in China’s ice and snow sports – Xinhuanet

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Spring and Autumn Brings Abundant Harvests: Analysis of the New Model of Talent Training for Ice and Snow Sports in China

The “Fourteenth Winter” competition brought many surprises, including the absence of medals for veterans Xu Mengtao and Jia Zongyang. However, the competition also showcased the vitality of the ice and snow sports community in China. Following the Beijing Winter Olympics, China has seen significant growth and development in ice and snow sports. This has led to the emergence of a new model for talent training in the sector.

The Liangcheng County Ski Resort in Inner Mongolia is one such institution that has been instrumental in training young alpine skiers. With 58 team members aged between 8 and 14, the resort has been a driving force in popularizing skiing in the region. Similarly, Inner Mongolia and Tianjin have also seen significant growth in participation and training in ice and snow sports, with Inner Mongolia’s ice and snow sports now having entered more than 300 schools in the region.

The advancement in training methods has also been attributed to the use of technology. High-speed cameras, software analysis, and data capture have transformed training into a more digital and refined process. Moreover, investments in facilities and equipment have had a significant impact on athletes, providing them with a broader platform to excel in their respective sports.

The article also highlights the long-lasting success of veterans and the importance of their experience in mentoring the younger generation. Li Tianma, the men’s individual runner-up in the “Fourteenth Winter” freestyle skiing aerials open category, noted the valuable experience passed down by veterans such as Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang. Additionally, the article emphasizes the need for China to continue catching up in snow sports, emphasizing the importance of Chinese ski instructors and their role in the absorption and transformation of foreign skills.

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Overall, the article sheds light on the growth and development of ice and snow sports in China, emphasizing the emergence of new training models and the vital role technology and experienced athletes play in shaping the future of the sector.

(Reporting by Zhang Rongfeng, Wang Chunyan, Ji Jiadong, Le Wenwan; Contributing reporters: Zhao Zehui, Enhao, Dai Jinrong, Liu Yichun)

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