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Stazione, collected 14 thousand euros, the Committee presents the appeal

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Stazione, collected 14 thousand euros, the Committee presents the appeal

One hundred citizens are taxed to contest the redevelopment project of the area. The public-private agreement “that impoverishes our municipality” is targeted

CORTINA. The appeal to the TAR of Veneto against the station redevelopment project was presented. To sign it, on behalf of Italia Nostra Onlus and the Civic Committee of Cortina, the lawyer Matteo Ceruti, of the Ceruti di Rovigo firm, against the Province of Belluno, the Municipality of Cortina, the Ministry of Culture, Pool Engineering Srl and the Region Veneto.

The object of the appeal to the TAR is «the cancellation of the executive establishment decision of the Province of Belluno – Water, Environment, Culture Sector n. 236 of 11.03.2022 concerning the assessment of the environmental impact of the intervention of Pool Engineering srl ».

One hundred citizens of Cortina who donated the necessary money so that the Civic Committee could cover part of the legal costs. The amount raised exceeded the 12 thousand euros requested by the Cortina Civic Committee, money that was missing to start the practice. In all, 14,088 euros were collected: the first part was advanced through other funding collected by the Civic Committee to elaborate the technical and urban planning part. The extra money raised will be used for the continuation of the cause.

“After the elaborations of the technicians and lawyers and the reporting of the possibility of appeal in the Province, we decided to launch an appeal to the citizens to collect the sum that was missing, and the result was incredible”, affirm from the Cortina Civic Committee. “There was a very strong signal from the population, which moved instantly, declaring itself against the impoverishment of public affairs to encourage building speculation. Everyone’s contribution was useful to the cause: there are those who donated 10 euros, those who gave a thousand, the important thing is to have achieved the result “.

The objective of the committee is to stop a project in a central area of ​​public property, “the only space available for events, where the built volumes will increase from 4,095 m2 to 10,676 m2 (+ 161%) and only 25% will be of the Municipality, less than it currently owns “.

At the center of the story is the redevelopment of the station, an area now in severe decay. A project that has been under discussion for decades: included in the 2003 Regulatory Plan, today it could become a reality, thanks to the public private agreement between the Municipality and Pool Engineering. An operation worth 81 million euros which will be paid in full by the proponents.

The redevelopment is carried out with the formula of the finance project, ie with private capital. The proponents’ advantage will therefore derive from the use of commercial and residential areas that will be built and subsequently sold or rented. The birth of five new buildings and the redevelopment of the five existing ones are expected; an underground parking garage on two floors with 650 spaces will be created; the area dedicated to buses will be improved; from the garage will be created underpasses to reach the center on foot, which will come out in Largo Poste. The Municipality will remain, among other things, a new multipurpose room with 400 seats, while a room with 100 seats will be soundproofed to become the musical center, with the headquarters of the music schools and the band. Finally, the police station will be housed in the former converter, with on the first floor the appearances for the managers and the guesthouse for the agents and the operations room on the first floor. The entire square will become pedestrianized, will be crossed by the cycle path, and will be enriched with green spaces.

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