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Step by step “Learning Calendar” launches “Guangdong Struggle Calendar”_Southern Net

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In a significant milestone for Chinese-style modernization, General Secretary Xi Jinping recently visited Guangdong for the fifth time to provide crucial guidance for the region. Guangdong has diligently followed the instructions laid out by the General Secretary over the past year, focusing on advancing towards the future and making significant strides in various aspects.

To commemorate this journey, the “Learning Calendar” has introduced the “Guangdong Struggle Calendar”, a data visualization product that meticulously documents the progress made by Guangdong based on the General Secretary’s instructions. The calendar is divided into five sections, highlighting instructions, deployment, practice, inspection locations, and the people involved, offering a comprehensive overview of Guangdong’s development over the past year.

Throughout the year, Guangdong has made steady progress by adhering to the instructions provided by General Secretary Xi Jinping. The region has focused on areas such as promoting the real economy, rural revitalization, and technological self-reliance, aligning itself with the goal of building a modern socialist country.

By implementing strategic deployments and focusing on key initiatives like the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the development of high-level science and technology, Guangdong has demonstrated its commitment to progress and innovation. The region has also emphasized the importance of social harmony, economic development, and environmental sustainability in its development plans.

With dedicated efforts from millions of individuals in Guangdong, notable achievements have been made in various fields, from technological innovation to ecological conservation. The region’s resolve to excel and push boundaries has been commendable, setting a solid foundation for future growth and development.

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The “Guangdong Struggle Calendar” serves as a testament to Guangdong’s unwavering dedication and progress towards Chinese-style modernization. As the region continues to strive for excellence and innovation, it is poised to achieve greater heights and contribute significantly to the overall development of the country.

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