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Streak of homicides in Huila

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Streak of homicides in Huila

Campoalegre, Tello, Villavieja, Tarqui, Gigante and Neiva, have registered a total of 8 homicides this weekend.

A wave of homicides has shaken the department of Huila this weekend, leaving a tragic balance of eight people murdered in different municipalities. The authorities are working to clarify the reasons behind these unfortunate events.

The first incident was recorded on Friday in the municipality of Tello, where Rusbert Reinel Vique Yanguma was brutally murdered in the rural area. Two individuals aboard a motorcycle shot him repeatedly without saying a word.

In Campoalegre, the second case took place at the Betania dam, where the bodies of Hugo Armando Trujillo and Maribel Arce Piedrahita were found dead. The bodies were discovered on the banks of the reservoir, near the border between Campoalegre and Yaguará. A pamphlet attributed to alleged dissidents was found next to the bodies, accusing the victims of fish theft.

In Gigante, on Saturday afternoon, another homicide shook the community. Frank Alexis Giraldo Vargas, 28, was killed in the La Vega sector while enjoying a shuffleboard court. According to preliminary reports, the murder was committed with a firearm.

The municipality of Tarqui was also the scene of deadly violence. Juan Emilio Valencia Manrique, a young man from Pitalito, lost his life during a fight. The incident occurred in the town center of Maito, when Juan Emilio was attacked with a knife. Despite being transferred to a care center, he arrived at the Timana hospital without vital signs.

In Villavieja, at dawn today, a couple riding a motorcycle was the victim of an armed attack in the village of Hato Nuevo, after leaving a public establishment. Although the identities of the victims have not yet been confirmed, it has been mentioned that the woman was a Venezuelan national.

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Finally, in Neiva, the capital of the department, Fredy Tejada, a 19-year-old boy, was stabbed during a dawn in the La Esperanza neighborhood. Although he was transferred to a medical center in the south of the city, he could not survive his injuries.

The Huila authorities are deploying security operations in the different affected municipalities, with the aim of investigating and capturing those responsible for these violent acts. In addition, the community is urged to collaborate by providing any information that may contribute to clarifying these crimes.

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