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Super green pass and vaccination obligation: here are the news in 24 questions and answers

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Who is in charge of the controls on the vaccination obligation in the healthcare environment?

Controls in the health sector are delegated to the managers of the structures in which the obliged personnel work.

What happens to those who do not respect the vaccination obligation?

Anyone who fails to comply with the vaccination obligation imposed by the law is suspended from the right to carry out the work activity, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to retain the employment relationship. However, the decree clarifies that during the suspension period, “no remuneration or other remuneration or emolument, however denominated, is due”. The suspension is effective until the employer is notified of the initiation and subsequent completion of the primary vaccination course or administration of the booster dose.

Does the mask become mandatory even outdoors?

There is no obligation to use the mask outdoors in the white area, while it is mandatory outdoors and indoors in the yellow, orange and red area. It is always mandatory to have it in your pocket or bag and wear it in case of potential gatherings or crowds.

Will the controls be tighter?

Controls will be intensified. The decree provides that the territorially competent prefect, within five days from the entry into force of the decree, having heard, within three days, the Provincial Committee for public order and safety, will adopt a plan for constant checks, even on a sample basis, making use of of the police forces and personnel of the municipal police corps with the qualification of public security officer. The prefect must send the Minister of the Interior a weekly report of the checks carried out in the territorial area of ​​competence.

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Is there a promotional campaign to raise awareness of vaccinations?

To push the vaccination campaign, the Department for Information and Publishing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers will develop a plan to ensure ample space on the mass media for information, training and awareness campaigns on anti-Covid vaccination.

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