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Supersolidaria intervened in Copservir, administrator of Drugs La Rebaja

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Supersolidaria intervened in Copservir, administrator of Drugs La Rebaja

The Superintendency of Solidarity Economy has announced the immediate takeover of the Multiactiva Cooperative of Solidarity Services – COPSERVIR LTDA, responsible for the administration of “Drogas La Rebaja”.

This measure is based on provisions of the Organic Statute of the Financial Systemspecifically paragraphs e), f) and h) of article 114, which allow the taking of possession when statutes or laws are violated, businesses are handled in an unsafe or unauthorized manner, and serious inconsistencies occur in the information provided to the Superintendency. .

During the Inspection, Surveillance and Control process, alleged non-compliance by COPSERVIR LTDA was detected. This includes the approval of matters at a general meeting extraordinary action for which it was not summoned, the execution of a contract without the corresponding authorization of the judge who was hearing the action for extinction of ownership over its assets, and financial reports that, according to the Superintendency, do not adequately reflect the consequences of a judgment of extinction domain issued in July 2022.

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It is important to highlight that this administrative measure does not imply the suspension of the distribution and marketing operations of medicines under the brand “Drugs downgrade«, nor will it affect the employment situation of the employees of the points of sale. The work plan of the measure will focus on protecting and guaranteeing the well-being of the members and workers of the cooperative, who number more than 5,900.

The Superintendency reiterates its commitment to protect the more than 6 million Colombians associated with cooperatives, mutual associations and employee funds, as well as workers in the solidarity sector. All the entity’s actions are aimed at guaranteeing that the solidarity sector is a real option for the redistribution and creation of wealth, in line with the policies of the National Development Plan and the objective of promoting decent and dignified work.

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