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Tariq Sharif writes: Stifling the militia economically

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Tariq Sharif writes: Stifling the militia economically

Sudanese Net:

The battlefields with the Rapid Support Militia are not only in the field of military battles. There is a war no less important than the first war, which is in the economic field, which the militia relies on to finance its criminal activities and its war against the Sudanese people.

To finance the war, the militia relied on the resources of Sudanese gold smuggling, which is its primary resource. This important resource must be dried up and measures must be initiated starting now and ending after the war with the government placing its hand on all the gold mines seized by the militia, then organizing private mining and putting an end to the chaos.

The militia took over a number of Sudanese banks as part of a malicious plan to control the banking system, namely the Gulf Bank, the Livestock Bank, and the Production Bank. It had tried to buy the Bank of Khartoum and the Nile Bank, but failed.

The Bank of Sudan did well by confiscating the militia’s funds in Sudanese banks, and dissolving the board of directors of the Gulf, Livestock and Production Banks. Freezing militia membership in all institutions under the authority of the Bank of Sudan.

New steps are required by immediately dismissing the general managers of these banks and appointing administrative committees, in accordance with the Banking Regulatory Law, which authorizes the Central Bank of Sudan to appoint administrative committees to manage any bank in which an administrative vacuum arises.

The state and the competent authorities must follow up on all companies that involve subterranean rapid support and uncover some businessmen who enter into partnerships with the militia.

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The economic battle is fierce, and what is required is to stifle the Rapid Support Militia economically.

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