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Teacher qualification, here is the list of 1,492 accredited courses

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Teacher qualification, here is the list of 1,492 accredited courses

A is added new piece to the implementation of the new enabling university path which will allow aspiring middle and high school teachers to access the teaching competition.

The Ministry of University and Research has published thelist of accredited initial training and teacher qualification courses.

In the list, for each University, it is specified for which competition classes the qualifying paths will be activated. There are 1,492 accredited courses as of 7 February 2024. The list may be integrated by the ministry, which with an ad hoc Ministerial Decree must now authorize the places available for each qualifying path.

List of accredited classes

The reform of the teacher recruitment system, developed in the last legislature – it should be remembered – renewed the process to follow to become secondary school teachers, providing a path divided into three steps. In more detail, when fully operational, aspiring professors. they will have to follow a qualifying university course worth 60 creditswin a national public competition and finally pass a one-year probationary period in service.

Last September 25th, the Prime Ministerial Decree was published which implements the new 60 CFU qualifying university path introduced by the Pnrr 2 decree (Legislative Decree 36 of 2022).

However, the decree of the Ministry of Education which revises some competition classes for access to teaching dated February 10th. Ministerial Decree which provided for the merging into a single class for art history teaching in middle and high school and the possibility, for architecture graduates, of also teaching physics and mathematics.


published on: 04/03/2024

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