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TFA Sostegno, preselectives in July: teacher commissioner of the State Exam, how to resolve the coincidence with the oral tests? [VIDEO]

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TFA Sostegno, preselectives in July: teacher commissioner of the State Exam, how to resolve the coincidence with the oral tests? [VIDEO]

The new specialization courses for support activities for pupils with disabilities are underway, which provides for 29,000 places available, with the preselective tests for access to the course starting in July.

The tests will be from 4 to 7 July, and specifically on the 4th the test for the kindergarten, the 5th test for the primary school, the 6th test for the lower secondary school, the 7th test for the secondary school II degree.

Conflict of dates with State Exam

The issue of date conflicts between the pre-selective tests and the state exams is a topic that has aroused considerable interest and discussion among teachers about to face the access tests to the TFA support VIII cycle.

Sonia Cannasteacher and expert in school regulations, addressed this issue during the June 1 episode of Question Timebroadcast on the social channels of Orizzonte Scuola.

How to fix

The main problem is that, if the dates of the preselective tests coincide with those of the state exams, the teachers concerned will have a problem to solve within the commission. Unfortunately, this situation is not new. In the past, there have been cases where some competitions have been scheduled at the same time as the state exams, thus creating a conflict of dates.

In fact, we recall that the art. 1, co. 4, of the ministerial decree 183 of 2019 provides that participation in the work of the state examination commissions falls within the obligations inherent in the performance of the functions of the school staff, except for the exceptions permitted by the current regulatory provisions.

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The commission’s inauguration plenary meeting

During the commission’s plenary installation meeting, it may be proposed to evaluate the possibility of organizing the calendar taking into account the non-postponeable commitments of the teachers. This proposal aims to avoid overlapping dates and to ensure that the teacher has the opportunity to participate both in the pre-selective tests and in the state exams.

Therefore, during the exams, the stop could be scheduled for a day, since the dates of the preselection will coincide with the days of the oral exams. These in fact require the full commission.

L’ordinance no. 45 of 09 March 2023 in fact, Article 13 provides

“During the completion of the interview, in the hypothesis of absence of no more than one day of the commissioners, all the examination operations relating to the same day are interrupted.
7. In any other case of absence, the absent commissioner is replaced for the remaining duration of the examination operations.
8. If the president is absent for a time not exceeding one day, operations may be carried out that do not require the presence of the entire commission. Instead of the president, his substitute must be present in the commission.
9. The temporary absence of the members of the commission must refer to documented and ascertained cases of legitimate impediment.”

Practical complications

Practical complications may arise in finding a solution. The aim is to find a balance between the needs of the candidates and the restrictions imposed by the school regulations.

One solution therefore is to modulate the calendar on this non-deferrable need of one of the commissioners (should there be more than one in the commission, the problem naturally becomes more complicated due to the inconvenience that the interruption of several days can cause, but it is still all within the legislation)

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If, on the other hand, the teacher were to ask to participate in more than one day of pre-selection, then the replacement will start from the day of absence. Circumstance that certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth, given the importance of carrying out the task relating to participation in the State Exams.

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