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“The 18-year-old vote to elect the Senate is a reality”

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“The extension of the vote to 18 year-olds also for the elections of the representatives of the Senate is a reality. Yesterday, 13 October 2021, the deadline for the presentation of signatures for a possible confirmatory referendum that will not need to be held has expired. This is a revolutionary measure and one that expresses confidence in you for having been able to carry on your battles for a better world. Battles that, day after day, materialize, such as yesterday’s approval in the Chamber of the text that provides for the introduction of environmental protection in the Constitution, an important measure that came after the mobilizations that you young people and young people have promoted all over the world carrying forward the themes of ecology and sustainability “. The minister for relations with the Parliament Federico D’Incà writes on Facebook.

“The 5 Star Movement has always believed in the strength and abilities of young people and that is why we proposed, fought and obtained the opportunity for those over 18 to vote not only for their representatives in the Chamber but also for those in the Senate, thus making you participate fully in the political life of our country ”, adds D’Incà.

“From today, the extension of the vote to 18-year-olds is also a reality for the Senate. You deserve this gesture of trust and, I believe, that it is also a way to encourage you to have an increasingly active part in politics, to participate in the decision-making processes that will transform the country to prepare it for the coming years. With your battles you have shown that you have heart, courage and great potential, you now have a great opportunity and a great responsibility, that of contributing to the creation of yours and our future. Remember that voting is not just a right but a duty for everyone because it is only in this way that the democratic system can express itself in a complete way ”, concludes the M5s minister.

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