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the ability to react in the autobiographical book by Lucia Di Folca

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the ability to react in the autobiographical book by Lucia Di Folca

Lucia Di Folca is a young author from Abruzzo of the Masciulli Edizioni publishing house. After completing his studies in dental assistance at the “G. D’Annunzio ”of Chieti-breaking latest news, she Di Folca she explains that she started writing her autobiographical book almost as a joke, entitled “In the upper right pocket”, dedicating some time to herself, after a long troubled period of her life.

Despite her young age, the writer experienced very sad moments that robbed her of the joy of life. She managed to get up thanks to faith, music (through the musical group “Il Volo” whose member Gianluca Ginoble she knows) and sport, drawing strength above all from sick children (the author is an AGBE volunteer from breaking latest news). He wanted to tell his story to give a message of hope to kids who receive pure wickedness in schools (or in general), to those who experience the drama of one or more bereavements and some advice on how to get back up through respect and ‘love of some loved ones.

Through an interview granted to us, Lucia Di Folca once again highlights the aspects that led her to write the book. Below, we retrace some of them together.

Bullying. “During high school – explains the author – I was the victim of malice from my classmates. During those years, I didn’t realize the situation I was experiencing and only later was I told that I was bullied. Every now and then I noticed that even the math teacher mocked me together with the usual group. Nobody believed me, neither the principal nor my parents. I continued to suffer malice and hatred until I reached maturity. I couldn’t even report it because I was so physically and psychologically weak that I couldn’t wait to leave that institution. In conjunction with the last year of high school, my father fell ill with a rare tumor and died within a year. After my father’s death, several deaths in the family followed in a very short time, including my grandfather, a close friend of the family, 2 uncles and 2 other relatives. I had hit rock bottom and the panic attacks started.”

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Faith and the trio ‘Il Volo’. “I thought that everything was lost and nothing was lived like a normal 20-year-old girl, having lived her adolescence as a ‘loser on duty’. Fortunately, I found the strength to react only with Faith. In those years, in fact, don Andrea, my best friend, and the musical trio ‘Il Volo’ came into my life. I didn’t want to get attached to Andrea at all. I thought, ‘it’s okay to believe in God and pray to him… but having a friendship with a guy who wants to become a priest and then convince you… absolutely not’. Instead, – admits Di Folca – he was my courage, my strength, my hope, my salvation. He was close to me even in silence. He has not only listened to my words but he has heard my silences. The ‘Volo’, on the other hand, was the real novelty: the first concert, the first experience with a fan club, the first real entertainment with the ‘Volovers’ friendships. But especially the pride of following educated, kind, generous, honest children of the same age, in short, children from other times. I was lucky enough to know Gianluca Ginoble in particular. In 2016, he became an honorary citizen of my country and with the Pro Loco ‘Tholos’ I took care of the organization of the event.”

“We must not be afraid of judgement of other people and we don’t have to hide. We must have the courage to ask for help. To help we must not only listen to the words that are said to us, but especially know how to listen to the silences of the other person. We must be free not to be afraid to express ourselves. Free from our mental prisons and we must respect each other. Respect ourselves and others to be free. We must also bring a message of hope and help to those who are unable to get up on their own. Be free to be free from your mental prisons. And respect each other – continues the author -. Freedom is as sacred as bread.”

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“My appeal – concludes Di Folca – is aimed at religious, political, social institutions, teachers and parents. You have to follow the kids diligently. The weakest people shouldn’t be abandoned, but should be encouraged even more so that they shine. This book is aimed at those weaker people who feel like shouting their anger and discomfort (because of the judgment of others) but can’t, because they are afraid of other people’s wickedness.”

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