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The Attitude of Canadian League of Legends Community to Drafts

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League of Legends is among the frontrunners of the esports global industry. In Canada, it is especially popularized. No matter what is your connection with the game (whether you are a bettor or an athlete), once you will come across the Fantasy draft LoL option. For novice customers, this mode is one of the reasons to get addicted to the gameplay and its peculiarities. Stay tuned to find out more about its popularity among Canadians. Onwards!

Why Do People Love the League of Legends?

The game design and features can’t help but attract the attention of Canadians. The country’s residents fall in love with its smooth and beautiful interface. Since there are many abilities during the play, it allows enthusiasts to develop particular skills at a time. The League of Legends is fun and exciting both to play and watch. It will intrigue both solo athletes and teams. Through the preference is more given to the latter, the gameplay offers myriads of opportunities to stand out for both categories of consumers.

Another factor that makes it popular is its social benefit. People achieve a unique chance to play and have fun with their friends. There is no need to become a professional esports champion to achieve excellent results to be proud of. As some Canadians notice, the opportunity to keep in touch with long-distance acquaintances and friends who are also passionate about the League of Legends is highly appreciated.

Draft Theoretical Introduction

Simply put, the term under analysis refers to a PvP game mode. This technology allows players to make their experience more beneficial and add more control to the process. Thanks to this feature, enthusiasts are welcome to exclude LoL champions out of the potential rival pool.

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Naturally, your competitors influence your own progress. In order to participate in the so-called Summoner’s Rift, participants have to access a minimum of twenty leading characters. You aren’t obliged to own all of them. If they are available for free, the fact you rotate them will also count. The quality of drafting depends largely on the player’s profile. The higher the participant’s level, the better the conditions will be offered. The minimum level is ten for Normal Draft Pick. However, with recent updates, this format has become non-available for players.

General Selection of Champions

If the two teams that are going to compete know each other, there is an interesting approach to choosing champions. In the case of squads’ members being masters with particular heroes, the latter are usually excluded from the potential list. When it comes to individual matches, those champions are banned that are considerably stronger than others and have a higher chance to be picked up. That is how fair play is organized and maintained.

Esports athletes who don’t manage to lock in a pick and a ban are tracked and noticed. The results of wrong actions are automatically punished. The turn of choosing a pick is predetermined and can’t be altered by gamers. It means you won’t be able to proceed with your decision until it is your turn as prescribed.

The phases in casual and tournament drafts differ. While pick intent isn’t available in the tournament draft, the casual one contains only four stages instead of five. After the hero is banned, there would be no possibility for any player in both competing squads to possess it. The number of bans is determined by your team’s quality. Apart from the levels achieved, it is important how many players take part. Please note that the squads can’t possess the same champions, so gamers have to be careful and attentive during the picking stage. Since it is possible to see the choices of your opponents, it will allow you to adapt accordingly.

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What is an alternative to the draft pick?

Another playing mode is called the blind pick. In simple terms, it is pretty similar to quick plays. You don’t have to participate in a specific hero-selection process, so your access to the play is faster. However, the control degree is reduced. Since gamers don’t have an opportunity to track which champions are picked by their opponents, it is harder to adapt your playing strategy to the rivals’ specifications and qualifications. On the contrary, some LoL fans from Canada find it a waste of time.

Can you control the draft pick order?

First of all, this parameter depends on the draft mode. Solo and Duo Elo define your turn in the according to ranked queue. If you are the team’s cap, you are likely to choose first.

Why was the Draft Pick feature changed?

This alteration happened back in 2016. One of the most important reasons is a try to change the game focus. Developers did their best to implement Team Builder elements in the layout to improve the League of Legends gameplay.

The Final Verdict

The gameplay of the League of Legends may seem complicated and somewhat overwhelming. Although the learning curve is demanding, the results and feelings it promises are worth it. Your practical experience will be complemented by watching live matches, which are available on advanced betting platforms and other providers in the field.


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