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The chaos of the IESS

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Kléber Mantilla Cisneros

Any government, which is elected by its people, has the obligation to focus its attention on the

safety and health of its people. The Institute of Ecuadorians, without a doubt, is the IESS that is used as a tool for demagoguery and manipulation of the public administration; His life is imperative for the well-being of our country. However, maintains an abysmal debt that destroys the assistance and retirement system of all workers and very few political actors care. The next electoral contest should be based on the situation and future of the IESS.

Automation and technology are not even mentioned in public debate spaces. Robotics begins to take space away from employees and machines are introduced into everyday life with little analysis. Working hours are being adjusted to Artificial Intelligence and various technological components that go unnoticed in political scenarios. But, Unemployment is a reality that has to be investigated from the spheres of higher education and democratic powers.. It is not possible for universities to exist to cover a client demand from classic populism and not support their legality with indicators from science and technology.

The displacement of humans by machines is a universal trend and it is a real challenge to know how social security centers will survive, something that universities must respond to. It is comical to see the deception of politicians in a mediocre parliament that does not investigate or learn about technological advances in industry and international trade that are quantifiable and at scale. Mining exploitation in territorial spaces conducive to ecotourism, agriculture and livestock is not credible. Nor do diplomatic agreements without the consensus of the people. Even less is the reality of communities located in critical areas for mining exploitation. The fight begins in the injustice of agriculture.

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Many security issues are resolved with technology and dialogue. The risk of automation is a latent reality. The IESS will have to explain Ecuador’s robotics with figures and scientific studies. Agriculture and the manufacturing industry have to explain their outlook along with artificial intelligence and the dominance of the Internet. Greetings IESS, security is not poor.

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