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The colors of Friuli in your photos: readers’ images to tell the hidden corners of our territory

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UDINE. The peaks of the whitewashed mountains, the smell of roasted chestnuts and the mercury column that begins to point downwards: autumn in Friuli is enriched with exceptional colors and scents.

In these two years of lockdown, we have rediscovered our territory. Trips out of town and walks led us to experience (again) the secret corners of Friuli. From the mountains to the sea, Friuli Venezia Giulia is a territory to be discovered.

Gardens, springs, mountain paths and shelters: what did you see this summer? Help us discover these wonderful places to fight the greyness of autumn.

Send us your photos, your memories and the indications of the place. We are ready to tell your story.

How to do?
From today you can contribute to tell about “your Friuli” by revealing to us those corners, often hidden, that make it unique. You can do this by posting a photo and writing your memory or your impressions related to your place of the heart, the one that better than anyone else can tell the peculiarity of a land that for many of us is home.

The other ideas for you
But not only photographs from our Friuli. You can help suggest new initiatives to be developed through the Come Together platform: inquiries that are close to your heart, debates, insights, reflections.

It will be our task to enhance your suggestions and your feedback and create new editorial initiatives based on your contributions. The contents will become collective narratives built exclusively on the basis of your contributions. They will make use of your photos, your texts, your videos and audios, your geo-localizations. Stories that start from you and that become an instrument of dialogue with the entire community of our readers. The challenge is to focus on a more participatory approach to the daily story of the news and the reality that surrounds us. To do this, we also need your help.

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