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The Communist Party Secretary responded like this by sending pornographic news on the work of CCP officials (Photos) | WeChat | Official

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The Chinese social platform WeChat shows that a person named “Director Geng Weiping” is posting erotic messages in a 74-person “work notification group.” (Image source: Getty Images)

[Look at China September 24, 2021]Recently, Chinese social platformsWeChatThe display name is “Geng WeipingThe person from the “Secretary” posted in a 74-person “work notification group”pornographyThe news, screenshots of group chats circulated on the Internet, aroused heated discussions.

According to Lu Media’s report on September 23, according to the chat records of the group named “Work Notification Group”, there were 74 people in the group, and the staff surnamed Xu released work-related news: “Please involve the department of ecological environment management, According to the “List”, the supporting materials are sorted into a book and bound for inspection.”

Then the group named “Director Geng Weiping” responded: “Which department is involved, please reply.” After 4 staff members named Zhao, Zhang, Wei, and Fan responded, “Director Geng Weiping” immediately sent a message saying: ” Do it tomorrow, don’t wear a condom.”

Some netizens ridiculed the work of a director of Xingtai who posted pornographic news.
Some netizens ridiculed the work of a director of Xingtai who posted pornographic news. (Image source: Weibo screenshot)

The report pointed out that the inquiry found that Geng Weiping was the director of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau of Renze District, Xingtai City. On September 23, a staff member of the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development in Renze District of Xingtai City confirmed that the director of the bureau was indeed named Geng Weiping, and that several people who spoke in the group chat were also staff members of the bureau. A staff member of the Letters and Visits Office of the Renze District Commission for Discipline Inspection said that many people have reported the matter, and if you want to report, you can make a complaint online.

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According to the report, on the evening of September 23, Qian Sanxiong, secretary of the Xingtai Municipal Party Committee, responded to the matter by sending a text message to the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection for verification. However, an intermediary who claimed to be a relative of Director Geng Weiping’s colleague explained to the screenshot, “This thing must be different from the real situation.” However, the other party did not respond to the real situation.

According to information released on the official website of the Renze District People’s Government of Xingtai City in April 2021, Geng Weiping is the Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau of the district, and serves as the deputy leader of the Leading Group for the Guaranteed Settlement Project in Renze District of Xingtai City.

According to the news from the aforementioned website on September 22, on the evening of September 18, the key work promotion meeting for ecological governance in Renze District, Xingtai City was held, and the heads of relevant district units attended the meeting.

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