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The Forestry Agency recommends being on the safe side with fires

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The Forestry Agency recommends being on the safe side with fires

Hespress Incidents Photo: W.M.T Tuesday 11 July 2023 – 12:31

The National Agency for Water and Forests announced that “the number of fires registered at the national level, from January 1 to July 10, amounted to a total of 182 fires that affected 1,251 hectares, 54 percent of which is secondary weeds.”

And the National Agency for Water and Forests stated, in a statement, that “the monitoring and intervention apparatus is still at its maximum level, given that the coming days are the periods of greatest danger from the outbreak of fires,” calling on all users and visitors of forest areas to “exercise the utmost caution and caution and not to start a fire.” throughout the summer period.

And it was stated in the statement that, depending on the geographical distribution of the areas affected by the fire, the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region comes at the forefront of the affected areas with an estimated area of ​​881 hectares (68 fires), i.e. 70 percent of the total burned area at the national level, followed by the Souss-Massa region with an area It is estimated at 190 hectares, or 15 percent of the total area devoured by fire at the national level.

In this context, the National Agency for Water and Forests appealed to all forest users and visitors, such as campers, beekeepers, herders and others, to exercise vigilance and limit the use of fire as much as possible during the summer period, explaining that the aim is to avoid any unintended action that could cause fires, and to inform The competent authorities immediately of any start of a fire or suspicious behavior to try to preserve our forest heritage because of its important socio-economic and environmental roles.

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