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The government to the unions: 3.3 billion of the Irpef cut to the lowest incomes

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ROME. The “treasury” in operation due to lower costs in the first year of the Irpef and Irap cuts rises to approximately 2 billion. This is what is learned from various government sources. According to estimates, in 2022 not all the 8 billion allocated for the reduction of taxes would be needed but – for the payment system based on the balance-on account – about 2 billion would be left over to be used for other one-off measures.

In the intentions of the government, this money will be used in part for cutting bills, in part for a one-off tax reduction. This is what is learned from trade union and government sources, on the sidelines of the table at Palazzo Chigi on the maneuver.

47% of the resources earmarked for tax cuts underway will go to the lowest incomes. The government would have explained this to the trade unions, on the basis of calculations by the Ministry of Economy. Incomes of up to 15 thousand euros will go to 1.1 billion and those from 15 thousand to 28 thousand euros 2.2 billion. Therefore, a total of 3.3 billion will go to the lowest groups, almost half of the 7 billion available in maneuver for the cut in income tax.

«An important comparison. The government presented us with the system for dividing the 7 billion on the Irpef: 85% is allocated to the income brackets below 50 thousand euros for employees and retirees. We asked to further strengthen the tax relief for people placed in the medium-low and low brackets “specified the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, at the end of the meeting at Palazzo Chigi

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