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The Long March rocket successfully launched the 398th, and the Long Four C successfully launched the Gaofen-3 02 star

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The Long March rocket successfully launched the 398th, and Chang Si C successfully launched the Gaofen-3 02 satelliteFly into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Long March 4 C carrier rocket launched successfully

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Ye Wei, Correspondent Wang Wei) At 7:45 today, the Long March 4C carrier rocket successfully ignited and lifted off at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center and successfully sent Gaofen-3 02 into the scheduled orbit. The launch mission was a complete success.

The Long March 4C launch vehicle for this launch is a normal temperature liquid three-stage launch vehicle developed by the Eighth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It has excellent performance and a wide range of applications. It is capable of launching multiple types of satellites with different orbital requirements. Ability to launch a single or multiple satellites with one arrow, and its sun-synchronous circular orbit carrying capacity can reach 3 tons (orbital height of 700 kilometers).

In mid-October, the outbreak in Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, posed a problem for the upcoming test team. Jiayuguan, Lanzhou and Xi’an, which were the focus of the epidemic, were just on the only way to enter the launch site. In order to take into account health and safety and the task node, the Eighth Institute coordinated to arrange the test team to fly directly to Jiayuguan by chartered flight and go retrograde. On the day of departure, the test team that coincided with the Chang-4 model rushing to Taiyuan also entered the field at the same time. The two teams passed by at the airport and made a high-five. “The soldiers are divided into two groups, watching and helping each other, working together, looking forward to victory and meeting!” November 20 In Taiyuan, there was a good news of the complete success of the Long March 4B rocket. In just three days, Jiuquan also achieved complete success, and both teams fulfilled their promises.

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During the mission, the epidemic prevention and control requirements were strict. After arriving at the base, the test team completed multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing and three days of closed isolation as required, and then began to implement the “dormitory to factory” two-point, one-line prevention and control policy. Such a life is monotonous and boring, and the experimental team actively used the conditions of concentration to plan and carry out “double thinking” and review work. The test team members started to work at the launch site wearing isolation protective clothing, and the first team of the technical zone factory “Dabai” completed the recovery of the unloading of the arrow body. The overall professional designer of the model, Zhang Cheng, said with emotion: “We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to be a member of the retrograde, and at the same time feel that the burden is heavier. Everyone in the team is encouraged by this, there is no difficulty in defeating!”

This mission uses the launch site quality confirmation system. Before entering the site, the model has planned to form a complete set of quality confirmation forms, accurately decomposing the entire process of 325 tasks, and compacting them to 26 positions, realizing the integration of the “technology, production assurance, and planning” process at the launch site. From the first working day after entering the site, each position will carry out work in strict accordance with the planned projects and standards and confirm the results. The test team will close the loop and continue to advance the work in a timely manner in the form of a “Nissin meeting”. It is the careful planning and strict implementation that enable the various tasks of the model to eliminate interference and proceed smoothly.

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This mission is equipped with a relay user terminal system, which uses a relay satellite to receive the full range of the rocket’s active phase telemetry signal and complete information transmission. Compared with the traditional ground-based measurement and control method, the relay measurement and control can not be affected by the layout of the ground station, reduce the constraints of the rocket launch trajectory design, and greatly extend the receiving period of the rocket signal, especially for the Long March 4C rocket with a long active phase. The advantages are very obvious. This is also the first time the model has used this technology in the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The test team and the launch site have carried out adequate interface coordination, technical disclosure and ground testing to ensure product quality control and smooth flight assessment.

In addition, in order to better observe the separated satellites, based on the relative position of the satellites and arrows and the field of view conditions of the imaging system, a reasonable design of the time sequence of the rocket discharge section, timely adjustment of the attitude of the rocket body, so that the rocket image can observe the satellite in a staring state After the separation, the key actions such as the deployment of the windsurfing board greatly improve the observation effect and provide high-quality intuitive information for determining the initial state of the orbit.

The Gaofen-3 02 star launched this time was developed by the Fifth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd. to meet the revisiting needs of users in marine, emergency, land, geology, environmental protection, water conservancy, agriculture, meteorology and other industries.

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This launch is the 81st launch of the Long March 4B series of carrier rockets, the 147th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets developed by the Eighth Academy of Sciences, and the 398th launch of the Long March series of carrier rockets.

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