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Italian discovery / Blocks coronavirus and variants

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There is a new technique to block the coronavirus, a new anti Covid cure, and has been discovered by Italian researchers. The implications can be really important, it can lead to a cure and therefore represent one alternative to vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. What is it about? L’Italian Institute of Technology, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and theUniversity of Milan they have developed a precision technique that prevents the virus from entering Sars-CoV-2 in the body. A patent has already been registered in Italy, while the results of this work have been published in the scientific journal Pharmacological Research. The three research groups have shifted their focus from the characteristics of the virus to those of the human cell being targeted.

Hence, the technique does not point to proteina spike which is used by the virus to enter the cell, but al Ace2 receptor, which Covid uses to enter cell phones. This will automatically block all variants. “This is particularly interesting in light of the growing number of virus mutations that could escape current immunization strategiesThe researchers observe. One more and not insignificant feature.


The three research groups, led by Paolo Ciana, Vincenzo Lionetti and Angelo Reggiani, they started from filaments of nucleic acids, called “aptamers”, which are able to bind to molecules and proteins. With the help of the computer, they have identified one that ties to Ace2 receptor, in particular to the region K353, which also interacts with one of the molecular keys of the coronavirus. Therefore, if the nucleic acid strand occupies the lock used by the virus, it cannot use its key and therefore cannot open the door and enter the cell.

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Two have now been discovered aptameri anti K353, so now for the researchers “it will be possible to develop a new precision therapeutic approach to prevent severe Covid-19 infection, without stimulating the immune system or having side effects related to the most famous drugs consisting of monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins“. In this regard, the authors of the study specified that “the potential toxicities of nucleic acids as drugs are much lower than other innovative drugs such as monoclonal antibodies or other therapeutic proteins».

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