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The military regime’s political confusion ends with the establishment of a tactical republic in neighboring lands

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The military regime’s political confusion ends with the establishment of a tactical republic in neighboring lands

Written by: Omar Al-Tibi

The stupid act recently undertaken by General Jabbar Mehanna, director of the military regime’s foreign intelligence, in announcing the establishment of a tactical “rural republic” in an orphanage in Algiers, cannot be read in isolation from the comprehensive strategic impasse in which this regime has been deteriorating for years on the international, African and Arab levels. Especially in his relations with the immediate neighboring countries, he began to flounder randomly in desperate attempts to get out of this impasse by announcing many fake projects that were useless and useless, as well as through media delirium, both public and private, that did not stop lying and bragging. And fraud.
This includes, but is not limited to, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s unilateral announcement of draft fictitious free trade agreements with a group of neighboring countries, especially the Sahel countries, in an attempt to absorb the effects of the failure resulting from the Malian government’s cancellation of the Algiers Reconciliation Agreement (March 2015), and to prevent The military regime, on the part of all the Sahel and Sahara countries, is prevented from interfering in their internal affairs. Examples of this also include its lure of Tunisian President Kais Saied, under the pressure of the daily needs of Tunisians, and the head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, who is seeking regional legitimacy with Tebboune instead of searching for it in the Libyan ballot boxes. To hold a meeting in a hurry in order to establish a truncated “Maghreb Union”, this was done without a program or even an agenda as supposed, and of course the result was no more than an agreement to hold tripartite meetings among themselves and alternately every three months.
This was accompanied by the emergence of disturbances and imbalances at the level of managing the affairs of the regime and managing its issues in various sectors, including the phenomenon of President Tebboune announcing imaginary astronomical numbers, arbitrarily and by chance, whenever he opened his mouth to talk about development issues in his country. It was also accompanied by another strange phenomenon that only happens. In Algeria, it is the re-inauguration of projects of importance in the eyes of the regime, some of which date back to the Bouteflika era, two or three times. Thus, for example, the Grand Mosque of Algiers was inaugurated three times, one of which was in honor of French President Emmanuel Macron, and some football stadiums were inaugurated two or three times. Similar to what happened in 2023 on the occasion of Algeria’s hosting of the Arab Games and the African Cup for local players (Al-Shan).
At the level of foreign relations, the land crossing linking the Mauritanian cities of Tindouf and Zouerate was inaugurated twice, once with the participation of a minister in the government of Ayman Ben Abdel Rahman in 2018 and the second in the presence of Tebboune personally at the beginning of this year. This is in addition to the inauguration of a sea line between Oran and Nouadhibou, the economic capital of Mauritania, twice in a row. This line stopped completely as soon as it was inaugurated, so it is not unlikely that it will be inaugurated in the future for a third time if God extends Tebboune’s life and the military grants him a second presidential term, and so on.
Now that the republic of the late Boumediene and Gaddafi has become a raging rag, blown away by the winds of Hamada-Tindouf, the military regime hastened to make a necessarily failed attempt to fabricate another republic in the north of the Kingdom of Morocco after the failure of the project to establish its older sister in its south. Perhaps it will be able to put other pebbles in the shoe of the warehouse, and that At the same time, he is managing the scandal of this illusion that he planted and continued to nurture with drum and flute in the minds of Algerians by establishing a separatist entity affiliated with him in the Moroccan Sahara for a period of more than fifty years without benefit or benefit, at a huge cost that exceeded 500 billion dollars, which would have been better and more effective to spend on developing the country. Improving the conditions of the poor Algerian people.
With this new Capranian ingenuity, the military regime’s confusion in dealing with its crisis situation has reached its peak, and we hope that it will not develop into something more dangerous than that.
This tactical mission was carried out by one of the most prominent killers of the Black Decade and the most corrupt and blackmailing businessmen in the tribal region. General Jabbar Muhanna, head of the Directorate of Documentation and External Security and founder of the fictitious “Republic of the Rif”, is one of the most prominent blood generals during the decade of the nineties of the last century, and he is one of those who engaged in Early in the struggle of the wings to arrange the succession of Bouteflika and monopolize wealth and power alongside the two notorious generals, Tawfiq Mediene and Khaled Nizar, a struggle that resulted in his arrest under pressure from the popular movement in 2019, and his placement in the military prison in Blida on several charges, including illicit enrichment, until he was restored to his company. His two aforementioned colleagues in 2020, and then he was installed at the head of the den of Algerian spies in September 2022, despite Tebboune’s opposition, as was reported in opposition circles at that time.
In announcing the establishment of his tactical republic, the Algerian general (Kabyli) relied on a fragmentation of the rabble of Moroccan society, including drug smugglers and mercenaries trafficking in contraband of all kinds, including those in the orbit of Escobar of the North, the corrupt parliamentary representative fleeing from justice, Saeed Chaou, so he made of them at the time The people, the party members, and the leadership of the revolution in his imaginary republic. As for the anti-Moroccan demonstrations, he entrusted them to the informants and agents of his failed apparatus, the Algerians spread out in European cities, the owners of the slogan, “Make Lebanon an animal,” if you remember. These people were fighting on behalf of the separatist republics, and God is sufficient. Traitors, agents, evil of struggle.

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