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The receipt lottery changes: the drawing becomes instant

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The receipt lottery changes: the drawing becomes instant

Receipt lottery, the government tries again. An amendment to the Pnrr decree approved by the Senate Constitutional Affairs and Education commissions introduces an update to the lottery designed to encourage electronic payments and combat tax evasion: the drawing will be instantaneous, that is, it will take place at the time of payment, to be verified with a Qr code. One way to make the lottery more attractive to small to medium-sized users and merchants.

Instant extraction

The procedure has been confirmed: adults residing in Italy can obtain the code on the lottery website which must be shown to the operator at the time of each cashless purchase. The electronic receipt guarantees virtual tickets to participate in the lottery: a virtual ticket for every euro spent. Up to now, there were weekly and monthly draws and an annual draw with a prize of € 5 million for the buyer and a prize of € 1 million for the merchant. With the change introduced the instant extraction at the time of payment

The balance so far disappointing

Entered into force on February 1, 2021, the receipt lottery has not obtained great interest among taxpayers / consumers despite the not insignificant amount of prizes (an annual prize of one million euros is expected). According to data from the Customs and Monopolies Agency, if in March 2021 the monthly receipts associated with the lottery had touched the maximum peak of 25 thousand units, subsequently there was a constant contraction; last autumn the monthly number dropped to just over 5 thousand. An almost irrelevant number if you think, as underlined by the Cgia di Mestre, that families in 2020 made monthly purchases of 12 billion euros of food and non-alcoholic drinks alone.

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