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The residents of Pescaíto face the persistent crisis of contaminated water in their streets

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The residents of Pescaíto face the persistent crisis of contaminated water in their streets

The quiet neighborhood of little fish, It has been involved in a constant problem that affects the quality of life of its residents: the overflow of sewage in the streets. Despite the efforts of the local authorities, this problem seems to have no end and continues to generate concern among the community.

For years, residents of little fish have suffered the consequences of a system of sewerage inadequate that it cannot cope with the heavy rains and the increase in population. In each rainy season, the streets become veritable rivers of polluted water, which puts the health of residents and the health of the environment.

The situation is further aggravated by the lack of maintenance and the obstruction of the sewer pipes, preventing proper drainage. This causes the overflow of wastewater, creating puddles and pools that become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects, thus increasing the risk of vector-borne diseases.

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Residents of Pescaíto They have expressed their frustration and concern about the lack of permanent solutions from local authorities. Despite multiple claims and petitions, the problem persists, affecting the quality of life of families and the development of the neighborhood.

Faced with this situation, some residents have taken measures on their own, trying to mitigate the negative effects of sewage water. gutter in the streets. They have installed makeshift barriers to contain the water and have carried out community cleanup days to remove waste and minimize health risks. However, these actions are only temporary solutions and do not address the root problem.

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Local authorities have promised to take action to address this situation. Investments have been announced in improvements to the sewage system and in awareness programs about the importance of proper solid waste management. However, residents of little fish they hope that these promises will be turned into concrete actions and that the problem will be solved once and for all.

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Meanwhile, The Pescaíto community continues to deal with sewage in the streets, a problem that affects their health, well-being, and quality of life. It is essential that local authorities take immediate and effective measures to address this situation, thus ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all residents of Pescaíto in Santa Marta.

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