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The return of the temple fair in Beijing adds a stronger flavor of the New Year – Comments – China Engineering Network

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The Temple Fair in Beijing Returns to Add a Stronger New Year Atmosphere

The traditional temple fairs in Beijing, including Ditan, Longtan, Changdian, Daguanyuan, and Badachu, are set to return, bringing back the lively and festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. These temple fairs, along with various folk activities, will allow citizens to immerse themselves in the traditional customs and cultural heritage of Beijing.

Dating back to the Liao Dynasty, the temple fairs are considered representatives of traditional Chinese folk culture and have always been an integral part of the Spring Festival in Beijing. Visiting temple fairs has become a family tradition for many, featuring traditional performances, Beijing-style snacks, and cultural activities loved by both locals and tourists.

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the return of the temple fairs is seen as a revival of the traditional New Year atmosphere and a testament to the capital city’s cultural vitality. The comprehensive return of the temple fairs also serves as a display of Beijing’s social development and market consumption potential, showcasing the unique and irreplaceable advantages of these traditional events.

In addition to recreating the lively scenes of the past, this year’s temple fairs have been upgraded to include participation from old bookstores, merchants, and cultural institutions, all contributing to the preservation of Beijing’s rich cultural heritage.

Despite the changes in form and content, the citizens’ emotions for temple fairs and their expectations for the New Year flavor remain unchanged. The return of the traditional temple fairs is seen as a window to experience Beijing’s cultural richness and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival.

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Overall, the revival of the temple fairs in Beijing is set to bring back the unique and joyful spirit of the Chinese New Year, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the capital city.

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