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Closing comments: Shanghai stock index fell 1.48%, more than 4,800 stocks in the two cities fell.

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Stock Indexes of Two Cities Fall Weakly

On January 31, the stock indexes of the two cities fell weakly, with the Shenzhen Component Index and the GEM Index hitting new lows. Most stocks in the two cities also experienced a decline. At the close of the market, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell 1.48%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.95%, and the ChiNext Index fell 0.66%.

During early trading, the media and entertainment sector strengthened, only to fall back in the afternoon. Several stocks, including China Guangdong Tianze, Inner Mongolia Xinhua, Times Publishing, CTV Media, and Xinhua Media, hit the daily limit. Conversely, the insurance sector experienced a rise, while the banking sector fell slightly. Stocks with the prefix “China” were once again active, with China Construction Environmental Energy among those that rose by the daily limit. Most other sectors experienced a decline, with the hotel, catering, and tourism sectors falling sharply. Additionally, software services, real estate, shipping, and medicine were among the top decliners.

Overall, more than 4,800 stocks in the two cities fell, with a transaction volume exceeding 750 billion yuan.

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