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The spread? Without Draghi it could even go up over 200 points

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analysesThree scenarios for 2022

Analysts see the former ECB president as a guarantee for European funds. His removal from the Italian political scene risks having important consequences on the cost of debt

by Maximilian Cellino

Draghi: “For government action I don’t have a predetermined color palette, I use experience”

How much is it worth Mario Draghi for the Italian spread? The inevitable critical spirits point out that the current yield differential of the BTp against the Bund is not substantially so different from the level prior to the arrival at Palazzo Chigi of the former ECB president. However, there is no counter-proof of what the fate of our government bonds would have been without his presence, and perhaps no one really hopes to know him.

The unknown Quirinale

Of course, the upcoming election of the President …

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