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The surprising fact about Argentines living in the United States

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The surprising fact about Argentines living in the United States

Argentines Thriving in the United States: Highest-Earning Hispanic Immigrants

A recent study has highlighted the remarkable success of Argentine immigrants in the United States. According to the study, Argentine immigrants are the Hispanic group that earns the most in the US, with an average annual salary of $80,000. Additionally, the majority of Argentine immigrants have been able to achieve the dream of owning their own homes, with 62% being homeowners, surpassing the average of 51% among Hispanic immigrants.

The study, conducted by the prestigious analysis center Pew Research Center, paints a portrait of a highly successful and resilient community. It points out that there are 290,000 Hispanics of Argentine origin living in the United States, including immigrants from Argentina and those who trace their family ancestry to the country.

Despite being a relatively small community compared to other Hispanic groups, Argentine immigrants have established themselves as a thriving and influential group in the US. The study also notes that 59% of Argentine immigrants have obtained US citizenship, and 53% have lived in the US for more than 20 years.

One of the factors contributing to their success is the high level of education among Argentine immigrants. The study found that 46% of Argentines living in the US have at least a college degree, making them the second most educated Latin immigrants, only behind Venezuelans (57% have a university degree).

Argentine immigrants’ success is further attributed to their adaptability and resilience. Many have been able to quickly adapt to US rules and regulations while demonstrating a great work capacity, flexibility, and vision to create new businesses and ventures.

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The Argentine community in the US has also demonstrated a strong commitment to preserving their culture and heritage. Many have established neighborhoods resembling “little Buenos Aires,” particularly in places like Miami, where they gather to share traditional Argentine customs and traditions.

Moreover, the study found that Argentine immigrants are overrepresented among small business owners and managers in the US, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success.

The success of Argentine immigrants in the US has also been influenced by the recurrent economic and social crises in Argentina, which have led to what has been termed as “extended settlement.” Many Argentine immigrants who initially planned to return to their homeland have found stability and economic opportunities in the US, leading to a prolonged or indefinite postponement of their return.

Overall, the success of Argentine immigrants in the United States serves as a testament to their resilience, adaptability, and commitment to achieving the American dream. With their high educational levels, entrepreneurial spirit, and strong cultural ties, the Argentine community has made a significant impact on the diverse tapestry of Hispanic immigrants in the US.

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